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My challenge statementis: How could we educate people for drinking less alcohol? In ourtime, alcoholism is a real threat, the harm of alcoholism is seen everywhere.Alcohol … with this word, many different problems are connected.

Drinkingalcohol has become a certain tradition, because not one holiday, not one event,event, no meeting of friends or just collective entertainment can not dowithout alcohol. For many people this is some kind of fun that turns into”uncultured” drink. The destruction of families, the acutedegradation of mankind, the total killing of entire nations, voluntary suicide- that’s how hard scientists assess the problem of alcoholism around the world.The daily increase in interest in alcohol, the consumption of alcoholic beveragesfor adolescents and the practices and theorists of alcoholism treatment arecompared with the natural disaster that struck humanity. A real geneticdisease, lying in wait for everyone looking into the bottle.

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The growinginterest in alcohol consumption in the world significantly outstrips the growthof the birth rate. A number of countries are recognized as countries withalcoholism above the average level (Russia, Scandinavia, France, Korea,Ireland).  Alcoholismis a disease that has a characteristic predilection for alcoholic beverages andis characterized by a loss of control over the amount drunk with an increase indrunk doses. In turn, this disease affects all the organs and nervous system ofa person. Alcohol has different effects on different people, in some cases,people stop, and sometimes this addiction causes people to depend on alcohol.Today, even minors become addicted to alcohol. Children’s alcoholism adverselyaffects the unformed organism, it develops rapidly.

Negativeconsequences of addiction affect not only people who drink, but also theirsurroundings. And first of all, families suffer. It is alcohol that causes alot of illegal and unpleasant actions. Up to half of all crimes are committedunder the influence of alcohol, families break up, the younger generationsuffers.

Under theinfluence of alcohol, the majority of crimes are committed, car accidents withsevere consequences, cases of violence, serious harm to health and so on. Inwomen with alcohol dependence, defective descendants are often born. Theeducational impact of drinking parents has a very negative impact on children,and the material support of the family also suffers.

Abandoned in suchfamilies, they often become homeless.Alcoholismhas a negative impact on society. It can cause disruptions in the economy andeven lead to economic and political crises.Theaddiction to alcohol negatively affects literally all human organs, leading toserious damage to them and the death of the body, causing mental illness andloss of appearance, premature aging. Stages oftreatment of alcohol dependence.  Detoxification,rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation support are three components oftreatment, each of which is equally important and can not be missed. 1.

DetoxificationThe withdrawalof toxins and withdrawal of the withdrawal syndrome is the first step towardsnormalization of metabolic processes in the patient’s body, improving sleep andmood. Measures for detoxification are associated with the introduction of drugswith the help of droppers and should be taken in the hospital. Ondetoxification it takes an average of 3-5 days. 2.RehabilitationThewithdrawal of toxins does not relieve dependence.

Relieving the physiologicalstate of the patient, you can not stop – it is necessary to overcome hispsychological craving for alcohol. It is best to cope with this task inspecialized rehabilitation centers, where the patient receivespsychotherapeutic support and medical correction of residual disorders. Workwith relatives of the patient on correction of intrafamily relations andprevention of codependence is carried out. The rehabilitation period can lastan average of 1-3 months.

 3.Medical  support Whatever methods of treatment foralcoholism, nor applied in a stationary environment, a return to normal life isfraught with failure. To prevent this, the patient should be visited bypostrehabilitational groups, in which they are taught to control their behavioreven in stressful situations.  The use ofalcohol by minors is one of the main fears of any parent, regardless of whetherthis problem has already come to you, or whether you are trying to takepreventive measures. This problem can occur in any family, regardless ofnationality and level of prosperity. In this issue it is extremely importantthat parents often talk to their child about the dangers of alcoholconsumption, and the earlier they start doing it, the better.

Studies provethat the age at which a child began to consume alcohol directly affects the riskof abuse in adulthood. Causes ofdrinking by minors: At any age, it is very important to talk with the childabout the dangers of alcohol, and it is equally important to understand whyadolescents decide on this. Typically, the first time a child tries alcoholunder pressure from one or more friends or peers. And in case of refusal, thispressure can take the form of bullying. Peers will convince your child thatalcohol will make him feel good, give confidence and does not hurt his health.Their main argument is that they all drink. Prepare the child for such pressureand ask him to contact you when this situation arises.

 Talk to thechild It has beenproved that talking with a child is one of the most effective means ofpreventing the consumption of alcohol at a minor age. Parents can influence theattitude of the developing personality to alcohol and prepare it in advance forthe upcoming difficulties. You need to start by becoming a good role model foryour child. Beforeconcluding, I interviewed 10 people to understand how I can solve this problem.I created a service and a kind of treatment that will help a person stopdrinking. Before starting my research I expected that a big problem is behindteenagers who start drinking or just trying alcohol.

But I plunged into thisissue more in depth and realized that alcoholism affects both young and adultpeople.

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