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Last updated: September 25, 2019

My patient of chose is a Muslim. Muslim is a person who believes in Allah (God) and regards Muhammed, Peace Be Upon him (PBUH) as the prophet and final messenger of Allah. Whenever a Muslim mentions the name of the prophet (out of respect) he/she says, peace be upon him (PBUH).

Muslims neither worship Muhammad nor pray through him. Muslims worship the Unseen, Omniscient Creator, Allah. Muslims greets each other with the greeting of peace, Assalamu Alaikum (May peace be upon you). The Holy book of Muslims is call the Quran, which was revealed to the prophet over 1400 years ago. Muslims try to emulate the prophet Muhammed as much as possible in deeds, good conduct and morals uprightness, through the practice of Sunnah (practices of the prophet), which is recorded in the books of Hadith (Traditions of the prophet).

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Muslims article of faith includes, belief in one God, praying 5 daily prayers, fasting (dry fast from dawn to dusk) for one month during each year, giving zakat (charity) and making Hajj (pilgrim) to the holy city of Mecca, at least once in a person’s life time (If the person can afford to) Muslims do not eat pork or pork related products, they do not drink alcohol, and only eats meats that is Halal (slaughtered in accordance with specific religious guidelines)A devout Muslim (both men and women) cover their bodies fully (for modesty). Muslim women cover their hair with a scarf, showing only their (faces, hands and feet). Both men and women do not shake hands, or gives hugs to the opposite gender who are not their close or immediate      relatives.

Generally, Muslims and Islam is misunderstood, especially these days. the truth is, Islam             is a religion of peace. Killing or harming any of God’s creation is strictly forbidden. In fact, the word           Islam means, Peace acquired through submission (to Allah).

And the word Muslim, is a person who       has submitted or surrender their will to Allah.It is important to understand who Muslim are and they believe in, so that culturally acceptable     interaction can take place between a health provider and the Muslim patient.

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