My thought this would frighten us. They thought

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Last updated: July 26, 2019

My fellow Americans, We observe today, a direct attack against our liberty. At 8:46 this morning our country experienced deadly and intentional acts of terror. The attackers did not discriminate in the choosing of their targets, their main goal was to cause as much damage as possible; from passengers aboard the Boeing 767 that struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center; to the many businessmen, and women, working inside of the Pentagon when the third and final plane struck the outer rings of the building’s west block; Today, humanity has suffered a calamitous loss.Airplanes, have flown into our tallest buildings, destroying them.  We must not forget that these are the same planes that we have used to explore new worlds and cultures, visiting our neighbors and families in lands afar; We must not forget that these Airplanes were crafted by the mortal hands of man, and our creation has been used against its creator. These ships made of steel have pleasantly swam through our skies, until today.

These ships have been incinerated; thousands of tons of steel burns in the evil flames that torrented through the hallways of the Northern tower of the World Trade Center. These halls housed mothers, and fathers, brothers, and sisters. The walls, held together by the blood and tears of the driving force of this great nation.

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The walls have fallen. The walls have crumbled. But like they have fallen they will stand again. They will stand tall, supported by the hands of the strongest people in the world. The American people. Why are we the strongest ; ? The sheer determination and perseverance that flows through our veins is proof enough, why we are the strongest. No calamity of any magnitude will cause our veins drought.

We will keep pushing forward. This perseverance and determination that we have now, is the same that was used when this land was founded. The ground we walk on today, is enriched with the history of people who devoted their lives to make sure the American people remain independent and strong.  Our grounds have been attacked;  they thought this would frighten us. They thought this would weaken us. They have failed.

Our country remains strong. The relentless strength and resilience of our great people will not cease to the hands of mere tyrants.  The steel that has melted today reminds us that this country was forged by the steel of man. It is man who creates his future and it is man who destroys it. This attack has proved that even the foundations of our strongest and tallest buildings can be shaken, but the foundation of our strong country, with an even stronger people, will withstand any calamity.

We have discovered why we were the target for this attack. We have discovered why a land so full of opportunity and liberty has been smited by a cataclysmic evil. The values and richness we have in our hearts make us appear vulnerable and weak in the eyes of the world. But do not mistaken the kindness of the American people for weakness. We are the world’s standard for opportunity and strength. We have been tested of this today. We have passed.

The standards that have been engraved into the soil of this land for hundreds of years will not be revoked by any man except god himself. We have been flooded with the blessings of the god, whether it be standing with us in battle, or continuing to make our economy flourish, god is on our side. God is the creator of all good and evil and he is the destroyer of it. These tyrants have taken the duty of god, and they will be punished. I have our intelligence agencies following any investigative leads in order to find those responsible for this direct violation of human life. They will be found and there fate will be decided by our government.

 No stone or pebble will go unturned until these savages are discovered and persecuted. To the people living in terrorist occupied lands, desperately trying to destroy the evil grasp that has been burdened upon them; The United States of America pledges to rid you of this evil. We pledge to rid the world of this evil.

The war on terrorism has reached its climax. Not only fighting it on enemy soil but by plaguing the land in which our children will grow, this has become a personal matter. The evils of terrorism have fallen into our hands and we will use these hands to destroy every act of terrorism or occupation on earth. To all of our allies whose cultural and spiritual origins we share, on behalf of the American people, I would like to thank you for your condolences and continued support during this time. Today is a time for all people to join together for world peace. Today we all stand together with the people around the globe struggling to break the bonds of mass torment.

Today, we are all Americans. If you are an American citizen or a citizen of the world, we ask you to hold hands in remembrance of the precious lives that were unjustly taken today. We ask for God’s continued blessings and help, but living out our existence on earth we must acknowledge that God’s work must be our own.

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