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My mother calls me an old soul. Which mean I barely react to situations as they arise, I show no emotion. I am a pretty laid back person when it comes to dealing with the positive and or negative experiences.  However, it does not mean I don’t feel or understand what is going on.  I have been taught to extend my energy to things that matter to me, to not waste my energy on those things I can’t fit or have no control over, and to stay humble.  I never knew what this meant until after the fact and flustered over an outcome. My mother would always sit me down and walked me through each step that I took for understanding on how I got flustered.  As a teenager and even now this process would get on my nervous I get so mad at her I would lose my patience and have to step away.

Although, she would give me a little time and step back in to let me know that everything is okay and my frustration was unnecessary, but she understood. Then we would talk about working through whatever made me flustered and helped me to recognize those trigger points and what I need to do to minimize the awkwardness for me to think clearer. With having that type of support for my mother I still like to work things out myself. It is important to realize my strength and weakness when it comes to managing my emotions.  My mother will not be there at every step during the day that I make. My learning disability sometimes does not allow me to read between the lines within certain situations and because of this, it is hard to adapt and control my emotion to remain flexible to changes. It’s not that I can’t be flexible it just means I have missed some queue to make the change. Under that circumstance, emotion becomes before we think, that is why it is essential to ask questions for clarity before I am reacting to change.

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  I must keep regulating my emotions as I become a successful man in today’s society. Our emotions are who we are, and we need to foster between them to control our thought process and act accordingly It goes without saying, but being able to manage your emotions helps with being highly motivated over the long-term — meaning I can shun instant gratification and remain locked in on longer-term strategy. While keeping my empathy towards understanding needs, desires, and appreciation of stay humble. 

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