My Understanding Of God

God is creator and ruler of all things because he created heaven and earth. God sets stipulations and regulations known as the Ten Commandments; he shields and provides for his people, and punishes them for any wrong doing. In the beginning of time, God created the entire universe. He separated the light from the dark, the oceans from the dry lands and created all people, wildlife, and animals. The first people that God created were Adam and Eve. When God created Adam, he provided him with a wife named Eve. Eve was made from Adam’s rib. God provided Adam and Eve with everything they needed while they were living in the Garden of Eden.

All their food sources came from the wildlife around them such as food from the trees, and drinks from the rivers. The story of Adam and Eve started in the Garden of Eden, in which Adam and Eve were living. God sets one rule for them and it is to not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Although there is only one rule set on them, both Adam and Eve both disobeyed and ate of the tree anyway. God punishes anyone that disobeys him and will wipe out the whole universe if he has to. I say this ecause he destroyed the earth before and only spared one family.

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The family he spared was Noah’s family and his animals. All that were saved were his three sons and their wives, his wife, and a pair of every animal on the ark. By Noah building the ark, God protected his family and all of the animals from total destruction. Being a good parent involves punishing your child for any wrong doing. In Genesis, there are many occasions where God punishes someone or something. For instance, when Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s rule about not eating of the tree of the knowledge of ood and evil, God punishes Adam, Eve, and the serpent that tricked Adam and Eve into eating the fruit.

The serpent is punished with losing his legs, therefore making him slither along the ground for ever after. God tells Adam that he will work hard for his food, and he has now become mortal. Eve is punished by becoming under the control of her husband, and will now endure pain while giving birth. Another punishment given by God in Genesis is when Cain kills his brother Abel. God punishes Cain by making him a Vagabond and putting a mark on him so that everyone knows he is a murderer. The last punishment that God gives is when the people of the earth build a tower to reach heaven.

These people are arrogant and they think that they can be above God. God punishes them by changing everyone’s language, so that no one could be understood, and scattering them all over the earth. In The Bible, God is portrayed as a fatherly figure, he sets rules and limits, he provides for and protects his people, and he punishes. In The Bible, there are many lessons to be learned not only by their literal meanings, but also by their symbolic meanings. My understanding Of God By dhsfalconl 1


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