My we will be doing. The holistic care

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Last updated: April 26, 2019

My nursing career is more of a calling than a choice.

Since I wasa young girl, I had the desire to help those in need. For me, nursing is suchan honorable, rewarding, and exciting career, no two days are ever the same.After graduating from nursing school two years ago, I took a job in the operatingroom.

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Being an operating room nurse is quite different than being a nurse on afloor, because of the different responsibilities. However, we both strive toprovide the best patient care possible.  My philosophy of nursing, is characterized by compassionate,holistic care for all my patients and their families. The most important thingto me as an OR nurse, is being the patient’s advocate, especially since theycannot advocate for themselves while they are under anesthesia. As nurses, Ibelieve that we must make a commitment to deliver the highest quality of care.

Nursing is about caring and trying to understand our patient’s on more than onelevel. I believe that the main concepts of nursing awr knowledge, compassionatecare, and integrity. As a nurse, I strive towards lifelong learning to helpincrease my knowledge, and better myself.  My belief and values about humans, health, environment, and thework of nursing, is that they are all interrelated. First, I believe that thenursing profession is all about people, whether it is the patient, theirfamilies, or sometimes even ourselves and each other. When caring for anindividual, it includes the whole patient, not just their illness or the typeof case we will be doing. The holistic care approach considers all parts of apatient’s life, and helps facilitate the optimum care for all patients.

Secondly, I believe that health is more about the quality of life of theindividual. Working in the OR, I encounter individuals at different quality oflife stages. We get patients from both sides of the spectrum, the healthy onesand then the emergent trauma cases. Third, while nursing is caring for thepeople, it is also important to look beyond the patient and into theenvironment in which that individual lives. This is very important, becauseenvironments greatly influence our patients, which make them interrelated.

Lastly, I think that the work of nursing involves being with the patients andbeing fully engaged in their care. Each day as nurses, we encounter manydifferent situations that allow us to make meaning of a patient’s situation.  

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