My When buying properties customers must be financially

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Last updated: August 17, 2019

My business targets older customers because young customers may not be legal to buy properties. When buying properties customers must be financially stable in able to pay their rent, mortgage, and other expenses. Older people have more mature experience than young consumers do because they have a better understanding of how the world works. Families that are in need of a vacation home in England are potential target customers for my business. I could also target big firms to buy several properties and use them to expand their business in England.

It is important for businesses to know whom their target consumers are to know what the appropriate age to sell their products to. When starting a business using hard copy advertisements like leaflets and posters is the cheaper way to gain customers. For my business I would create social medias for my business to grow which make the people more aware of it.

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For example, since Facebook is widely I can use it to post pictures of the properties and advertising my business.  I could pay properties agencies to advertise my properties in their offices. At the same property can directly make deals with the customer.

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