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Last updated: August 22, 2019

Myanmar is a multi-language country which is home to four major language families including Sino-Tibetan, Tai–Kadai, Austro-Asiatic, and Indo-European. Burmese, the mother tongue of the Bamar and official language of Myanmar. Myanmar is a multi-ethnic country with at least 135 distinct ethnic groups recognized by the government. Bamar people, who make up 68% of the Myanmar population, dominate Myanmar’s government, business and the military. Similar to Vietnam, many religions are practiced in Myanmar. According to 2014 Myanmar Census, 87.

9% of the population identifies as Buddhists while 73% of Vietnam’s population are non-religious. As is shown in the graph, Burmese are remarkably more inclined to individualism than Vietnamese. Particularly, they still prefer being in group but they may not depend on their group all the time. As a result, Burmese could give priority to their own success over that of their group.

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Moreover, they tend to express private opinions and value individual decisions.  Seeking variety and adventure is important to Burmese individuals. This quality makes them an ideal target of energy drinks. Myanmar is prone to a feminine society however.

Dominant values such as achievement and winning are not favored or may be seen as negative. By contrast, cooperation and relationship in harmony are valued over competition. Furthermore, Myanmar’s culture is extremely high uncertainty avoidance, which leads to more formal communication and fear of changing or breaking the rules than Vietnam. These cultural differences are barriers for advertising energy drinks in Myanmar since marketers should be more careful in their communication messages in order to not hurt the society’s values and norms. Myanmar, as most of the Asian countries, is a collectivist country, where the society is family and community oriented. Fulfilling the whole family’s need may be valued and given priority over personal needs.

Moreover, word of mouth is a relatively effective tool to them. People have a tendency to seek advice from their family, friends or seniors before making purchase decisions. It could be an effective way of marketing to figure out those influencers in the community and making them endorsers of the brand.In Myanmar, people prefer to have tea or coffee for breakfast. Only 5% respondents in an interview said they hang out at nightclubs sometimes and another 95% said they have never been there. Some drinks that they prefer to consume once or twice a week are soya milk (16.

5%), vegetable/fruit juice (24.8%), soft drinks with gas (28.5%), soft drinks without gas (23.3%), and energy drinks (17.

7%). Burmese also live a fairly healthy lifestyle with low rate of alcohol consumption and smoking. Young people used to gather at temples but now they prefer shopping malls and coffee shops where they could find their first time job and create a first time jobbers’ group.

99% respondents watch TV regularly or sometimes and 65% of them like watching sports instead of playing sports.

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