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Who were poseidon’s brothers?
Hades and Zeus.
Explain poseidon’s role in odysseus’s troubles.
He sent many storms and perils after odysseus blinded his son(the cyclops polyphemus)
Zeus’s symbol, animal, and tree?
Thunderbolt, eagle and wood pecker, and oak tree.
Athena’s symbol, animal, and tree?
Aegis(goatskin shield), owl, olive tree.
Poseidon’s symbol and animal?
Trident, horse and dolphin.

Demeter’s symbol, animal, and flower?
Corn and wheat, snakes, and poppies.
Hades symbol?
Invisible helmet and two pronged spear.
Hera’s animal and plant?
Peacock and cuckoo, and pomegranite.
Hestia’s symbol?
Sacred flame.
Aphrodite’s symbol, animal, and flowers?
Shell and apple; Dove, sparrow, and swan; and rose and myrtles.

Apollo’s symbol, animal, and tree?
Bow, quiver, and lyre; mice; and laurel tree.
Ares’s symbol and animal?
Armor, helmet, and bloodstained spear; vulture, dog, and wild boar.
Artemis’s symbol and animal?
Bow, quiver, moon, and stars; hind(deer), dog, she-bear.
Dionysus’s symbol, animal, and plants?
Ivy Staff, tiger, and vine leaves and bunches of grapes.
Hephaestus’s symbol and animal?
Hammer and tongs, and quail.

Hermes’s symbol and animal?
Winged hat and sandles and caduceus, and crane.
Who were Zeus’s parents?
Cronus and rhea.
What did hera use to try and hurt heracles?
She sent snakes to his crib and the amazons(race of giant war-like women).
What are the two explanations to aphrodite’s birth?
Sea foam and Zeus and Dione.
What were hermes jobs?
He was messenger of the gods and guide of souls to the underworld.

Who was artemis’s twin brother?
Athena was the patron goddess of what city?
Describe Athena’s birth.
She was born fully dressed and grown, ready for battle, from Zeus’s head when Hephaestus split it with an axe.
Why did athena aid perseus in his quest?
She wanted medusa’s head to decorate her shield.
What is meant by the statement struck down by one of apollo’s arrows?
It is used when someone dies suddenly.
What musical instrument is apollo associated with?
The lyre.

Who is Demeter’s daughter?
What effect did demeter’s sadness of persephone missing have on the land?
The crops withered and it became barren winter.
Who were Hephaestus’s parents?
Zeus and Hera.
Why did Hephaestus get thrown of Mt.


He was born lame; in other cases he got in a fight with his parents causing Zeus to throw him off the mt by his foot
Describe Hephaestus’s physical ailment.
He had a limp or lame foot.
Name two example of hephaestus’s craftmenship.
Palaces for the gods and Achilles’s armor.
Why did hephaestus create pandora?
Zeus commanded him to get back at Prometheus for giving mortals fire.
What did two giants stuff ares into?
A jar.
Describe ares appearance.
Handsome but cruel; carried a bloodstained spear.
Ares throne on mt olympus was made of what?
Human Skin.
What is pan’s title?
God of shephards and flocks.
Describe pan’s appearance.
Legs and horns of a goat.
Who was the titan who gave mortals fire?
Who was kidnapped by hades?
Who was the gorgan whose head was covered in snakes?
What giant carried the world on his shoulders and was often tricked?
Who was the founder of Rome?

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