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n the Sangam age the recent North Malabar territory of North Kerala was an unmistakable political division under the administer of (Ezhimala is the degenerate from of Ezhimala or hoisted slope in Tamil. In the hand of Sanskrit essayist it moves toward becoming Mushakasaila and Saptasaila. In European records it figured as Mount Eli, Rat Mountain and so on.

). The layouts of history of the Ezhimala kingdom rise up out of the investigation of old Tamil works. It contained for all intents and purposes the entire of the present Kannur, Kasargod and Wayanad area and a bit of the Tulu nation and parts of Coorg and Guddalur too. The zone was referred to in and days as Konkaanam. The kingdom that it’s principle capital at Ezhimala and its second capital at Pazhi. “Mozhipeyar desam” the area where dialect other than Tamil was talked, started after Konkaanam. It ought to be noticed that Konkaanam isn’t Konkan as a few essayists have held. The previous is the area toward the south of Tuluva and the later to its north.

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 Tamil works toss on the conditions winning in the kingodom of Ezhimala in the palmy days of its radiance under Nannan. There were obvious side effects of monetary flourishing in the land. Pazhi, the second capital of the kingdom, was popular for its rich fortunes even a very long time after Nannan’s passing. The vast number of roman gold coins found from different parts of north Malabar vouches for the nearby exchange relations with Rome. Roman coins dated up to 491 AD have been uncovered from here. The old Mooshaka nation came to be known as Kolathunad by the fourteenth century. The leaders of this kingdom who were the relatives of the Mooshikas are known as the Kolathiris.

Marco Polo, the Venition explorer who went to North Kerala in the thirteenth century, gives intriguing looks of the decision kind and lie in the kingdom. He makes particular specify of the prospering exchange flavors like pepper ginger and the opulence of the ruler. Who have no material which an associated history of the Kolathunadu kingdom can be had. Nonetheless, there are a couple of education works gives name of few kolthiris who separated themselves by their abstract achievements or administrations to expressions and letters. The most out-remaining of these rulers was Udaya Varman Kolathiri (1446-1475). The most sublime period in the historical backdrop of Ezhimala kingdom finished with the passing of Nannan. The fourteenth century to known as the Mushaka line was turned out to be all the more intense by under the Kolathiri rajas of Kolathunad.

So might be Mushaka lords were successors of Kolathiris. Intermittently Kolathunadu was produced. In a specific stage Kolathunadu was reached out from North Nethravathi River to South Korappuzha and east Kudaku slope to west Arabian Sea. ERAMAM CHALAPPURAM RECORDS Ezhimala tradition was established by eramakudamoovar and they were antecedents known as Kolathiris.

The who one of them Kolathiris the Kandankari Varman saying in regards to Eramakudamavoor of Vattezhuthu records in eramam Chalappuram sanctuary. These records are protecting by Mavila Narayanan Nambiar close by Eramam Naduvile Kuni. The reports exchange to his territory to Payyanur school historical center.

A similar land there is a Pazhuthara and icon, a well additionally flotsam and jetsam of a sanctuary. Kandan Kari Varman Valanchiyar, Nanatheyar, Pakkaraniravi Varman, Koyilathikari-Chalappurathuthali these expressions of epigraphs are speaking to pre-history. Varman and Varma words are utilized for craftsmen and sovereign specifying the records.

The Kolothiri of Regalia was Kolom it menas vessel. The main portion of AD twelfth century lived Atual of Mushika vamsa Kavya saying the pregnant rulers and master originating from the heyaya to ezhimala by a pontoon. The shelter gave by Parasurama and built up the Mushika Dynasty.

 NARAYAN KANNUR RECORDS The Narayan Kannur Temple arranged at Ezhimala. The most unmistakable function are led by this sanctuary. The Thula Masa of Kadalattu Vaavu and Ashes of progenitors draw into the ocean on Narayan Kannur Temple. A one of term utilized as a part of the neighborhood Narayan Kannur that is “Molothu thera ennaan irunnathu post”. These epigraphs are essential verifiable actuality identified with this sanctuary. The Mooshika vamsa Kavya pronouncing the Vikramaraman ruler was arrive given for sanctuary. The manigramam exchange bunches were mindful to developed paddy on the field of Pathu kalappadu vayal.

It is the extraordinary of this reports. This Edicts of period was 1075 M.G.

S.Narayanan affirming. Spots OF HISTORICAL VISIT IN EZHIMALA Ezhimala has a great deal of spots which are chronicled from the view purpose of history. One of the essential place in Ezhipally mosque was manufactured may numerous hundreds of years prior. It trusted that a few clerics from Mecca lead Malic Dinar arrived at Ettikulam and strolled through Ezimala to Madai. Among them three were kicked the bucket in Ezhimala and covered there. That Makka can be seen at Ezhipalli. Consistently amid overwhelming summer the Muslim lovers visit this mosque.

The date is chosen by Vadakkumpattu palli (North Mosque). Tossing of coconut for down-pouring is one of the custom of enthusiasts. They trusted that, the flew of coconut water is the emblematic portrayal of drizzling. Narayan Kannur sanctuary is one of the imperative sanctuary arranged in Ezhimala. In each Malayalam month ‘thulam’; aficionados visit the sanctuary and prey to the God for the spirit of their withdrew dearest and furthermore satisfy the prescribed poojas. Like tossing the horoscope in the ocean is an offering to the spirit of the dead for their serene life in paradise.

Narayan Kannur and cording the waves is the one of the well known word about Narayan Kannur The sanctuary archives are profitable records among the authentic records. The stronghold is another imperative element in Ezhimala post or Ettikulam fortification lies around 2km south of Mount De – Eli or Ezhimala. The stronghold was worked by the Portuguese and in this manner held by the French and The English. It comprises of three hexagonal Prismatic structures, one of which has been totally harmed. The side dividers of the fortress are of different lengths and are practically demolished. The Ezhimala Beach is another fascination. The shoreline is at a separation of 55 km from Kannur and is a magnificent blend of history and nature magnificence.

Settled in the midst of a group of slopes, this high height shoreline is an interesting spot with antiquated etched stone columns scattered everywhere. Ezhimala possesses large amounts of otherworldliness and common excellence therefore signifying a really extraordinary shoreline occasion. Since earlier authorization is expected to visit the Ezhimala shoreline, it is mostly separated and offers an extremely unwinding knowledge to each guest. The shoreline sand is of an alternate surface and the ocean is bluer than in different territories.

Close Ezhimala, at the Ettikkulam straight, one can appreciate watching dolphins. Heaps of cut stone columns, holes and an antiquated internment chamber can be seen at the foot of the slopes. The slopes are noted for uncommon therapeutic herbs. There is a little beacon worked here called Mount Dilli Lighthouse. With earlier authorization from the Naval Academy, you can visit the Mount Dilli Lighthouse between 03.00 PM to 05.

00PM, which is arranged inside the maritime base. Despite the fact that it isn’t a high beacon, it is justified regardless of an excursion as it gives you a stunning perspective of the great shorelines of Ezhimala and Zamorin. The another vital element is Lord Anjaneya’s (Hanuman) statue which is biggest in Kerala. This statue was made by Surya Trust in rememberance of U. Surendra Shenoy,(founder of Surya Ayurvedics Payyanur). Statue is 41st tall made of cement on upper piece of best street.

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