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Name: Justine D.

Cambel Teacher: Mrs. MacabascoSection: Kamagong ENGLISH 10INFERNOBy: Dan Brown Inferno is by Daniel Gerhard Brown’s 2013 mystery thriller novel. It is his fourth book in his Robert Langdon’s series “Angels and Demons”, “The Da Vinci Code”, and “The Lost Symbol”. It is also inspired by Dante’s “Inferno”. It was number one on the New York Times Best Seller list for hardcover fiction and Combined Print & E-book fiction for the first eleven weeks of its release, and also remained on the list of E-book fiction. It is not just a book but also an eye-opener. This novel will blow your mind in unraveling the mysteries.

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Robert Langdon wakes up with amnesia in Florence Italy, he have no idea how he came to be in Italy or why a frightening spiky-haired female assassin is trying to kill him. Dr. Sienna Brooks, one of the doctors helped him to escape. He wants to know the meaning of his visions that keeps on telling him to seek and find. Langdon then discovers a biohazard cylinder inside his jacket so he decide to call the police but realizes that they might kill him so with Dr. Brooks they escaped.

Landon also discover that the cylinder projects an image of a digitally altered version of one of Botticelli’s illustrations for The Divine Comedy. Robert must hurry in seeking the answers in riddles and mysteries before the world will be infected by the plague which is believed to have been created by Bertrand Zobrist whose intent to solve the problem of over population. My favorite part of the book is where Sieena Brook’s true intentions were exposed, it is very hard to trust someone you didn’t know well easily. .

I also liked how Langdon used his intelligence to discover the clues specially the “Cer Catrova” which is written in Vasari’s fresco. Lastly, when it discussed Zobrist’s view of overpopulation. Zobrist may appear as the villain but his perception of overpopulation can open one’s eyes regarding the issue. He mentioned that overpopulation can affect the very soul of man. I highly recommend this book for everyone, because honestly I don’t like reading books but this novel get my attention.

Every chapter was very interesting, all I can say is that Dan Brown has an expert ability in creating this book because this story is well written. Your time will not be wasted on reading because not only it have lessons but will also open your mind in the social issues.

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