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Name- Fatema MehejabinId-170232Course- Language and CompositionDate- 14th December, 2017                                                Street children in BangladeshIn our Bangladesh mostof the children live in the street because of their poverty whom we known as street children in our society. Theyare making bound to stay in the street because of their poverty. They have noliving or sleeping place except for the street. They become deprive from theirbasic rights. They don’t get proper food, education, treatment, shelterfacility what they need.

They have to lead a miserable life what they actuallydon’t deserve. The condition of street children is very poor in our Bangladesh.There are a lot ofstreet children in our country. Actually there is no specific statistics aboutthe amount of street children. Infect it is not possible to count that hugenumber of street children.

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But it is estimated that there are more than 60, 0000 street children living inBangladesh and almost 75% of themliving in the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka.There are a lot of reasons which make bound them to become street children. Notonly poverty but also most of the parents are responsible for their miserablelife. In our country most of the parents reject those children who areautistic. These parents don’t want to take any responsibility of theirchildren. The other reason is that some respected peoples deny accepting theirchildren who are outcome of their affair. Though this is not their children’sfault but despite they have to tolerate a lot of sufferings through their life.

In our country most ofthe street children don’t get educationfacility. Even they don’t have any basic knowledge. We know education is thebackbone for a nation.

Without education no nation can progress in life. Even withouteducation there is no future in life. But these street children are beingdeprived from the light of education.

They don’t get any chance to go toschool. For this reason they don’t have any idea about what is right and whatis wrong for them. They have no any proper direction about the right way oftheir life.

As a result they become easily affected with several unsocial activitieswhich hamper the development of our country. Most of the children also becomedeprived from their medicalfacilities because of poverty. Every year many children affected by several diseases like malaria, typhoid,diarrhea, cholera etc. and died by lacking of proper treatment. Moreover theydon’t get proper food and nutrition according to their physicaldemand. Statistics show that about 77.5%children can have three times their meal and other children take their mealonly two times in a day.

That’s why most of the street children don’t get theirproper weight. Statistics show that about 65%children are under their actual weight. Furthermore many children usually taketheir bath in a daily basis and don’t wash their hands before taking their mealby which they easily become affected with various diseases.Many street childrenhave to face a lot of struggle intheir life in our country.

They have to earn money to support their family. Forthe unemployment of parents, lower income often their family has to depend ontheir income. Approximately 20%-30%family depends on their children contribution. That’s why sometimes they dosuch kinds of work for money which is really very risk for their life like constructionwork. Some of them sell flowers, newspaper, toys, cigarette etc. in the road tocommon people.

Some of them work as a maid in different house. Again some ofthem seek beg from people. In the reality as most of the street children do nothave proper knowledge about the right thing because of the lack of education sothey easily commit various crimes for example steal, hijacking, murder etc forwant of money.

Moreover some children expose themselves with very cruelsituation like they do prostitution, eve teasing even sometimes they alsobecome drug addicted. During childhood such crimes usually force them to be bigcriminal in their future life. And at last they become a big criminal in theirfuture life. In the Bangladesh mostof the people have very poor attitudestowards the street children. They don’t consider them as a human. They oftenbehave very rude with them.

Some people do physical torture on their maid ifthe maid makes any mistake. Sometimes the children oppressed by the police forliving on the road. They often beat them, sometimes ask bribes from them. Ifthe children deny giving them bribes then the police involve them with severalfalse cases. Because of these inhumanity activities many children suffer traumaand physiological disorder very often.

Children are the hopefor our future. But our street children who have low position in our country.They are becoming deprived from their every facility which actually theirrights as a human. We should provide them enough shelter, food, education,treatment facility what they actually deserve. If we can take necessary stepsto reduce their sufferings then our country will able to improve its condition.

Because it is impossible for any country to make development without a part itstotal population so if we can make sure the street children’s facility theywill also be able to contribute in our economical sector. As a result ourcountry will be able to establish itself as a rich and powerful country in theworld.                                                                                      Work cited Science Journal of Public Health Md. AbdulHakim – Azizur Rahman Street children in Bangladesh: A life of uncertainty | The Independent    

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