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Last updated: June 18, 2019

Name: Buthaina Said (1883116)The assessment was a research essay on a chosen industry or organization. I had to connect what I have learned in the lectures to real life industries and give examples with an APA style reference. The industry I was most interested in was the fashion industry because it is a way of expressing my personality and mood.

Fashion gives individuals the opportunity to freely express who they are or who they want to be. It is the most cutthroat industry. I have learned that I am a hyper-consumer and I must lessen this behavior so that it can help me attempt to save money. I also learned that the marketers nowadays are doing a really great job getting customers to pay for unnecessary products or services. My interpretation of this industry changed in the way that I should stop shopping with my heart or emotions and start shopping with my brain. It is funny because I never really realize that I shop way too much until the lecture classes.

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If this change happens, crossing my fingers, my future interaction will be to only buy what I actually need and not what I think I need from its appearance. To be honest, when I enter a store I not only want to buy one product, but I would love to buy the whole store if I had the money and if opportunity costs never existed. In my opinion, the video which we watched in the fourth lecture about the Black Friday shopping was insane. I could not believe my eyes. It was almost as if the store was a battlefield.

Now after researching the truth about the fashion industry, I have learned that consumerism becomes excessive when it extends beyond what is needed. Moreover, excessive consumption is supposed to make the world a happier place, but this is not true for the long term. The reason to this is because the aftermath is that everyone aspires more. This desire is common to the people around us.

This unnoticeably begins to rob our life from us. I also realized that I do not appreciate the things around me as much as I’m supposed to. I think this is a huge problem most people, especially women, are facing.

Therefore, less consumption can lead to many life-changing advantages such as having a less environmental impact, less care for possessions, less debt, more generosity, and most consumers will realize that this world is much more than materialistic ownerships. For instance, faith, hope, and love. Overall, I believe that I can live a better life by rejecting inessential consumption. I would advise next semester students to attend all classes because engaging with the students and teacher is much better than watching the lectures online.

In addition, asking questions physically is more effective because the question is answered to a greater degree. Besides, the in-class exercises not only in workshops but in lectures as well can aid students to think broader and deeper into the subject. Furthermore, interacting with other students, sharing each other’s ideas can also widen students’ thoughts on a topic.

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