Name: Speaking: 7, and Writing: 6.5). I am proficient

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Last updated: August 8, 2019

Name: Viparalla Vamsi Krishna Program: MS in Industrial EngineeringUniversity: The UW-Madison Department of Industrial and Systems EngineeringSOPInclinations to elevate the efficiency of any activity by seeking scope for improvement in aspects that are overlooked by others characterize me as a human being. Since childhood, I have always sought excellence in all pursuits by trying to innovate on levers that streamline their functions.

Meticulous attention and analytical approach have been my distinctive traits and I persevere to improve upon them with every milestone in my life. My interest in Industrial Engineering is not new-fangled. When the subject was introduced to me in the final semester of my B.Tech, I instantly knew that the small improvisations that I had been doing all along can be bracketed in this category. This also reinforced my desire to gain more sophisticated understanding of the subject after graduation. I feel privileged to have received stellar academic nurturing during my formative years. This gets abundantly reflected from my excellent and consistent performance all along.

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I had completed my SSC from Bhasyam Public School, India in 2011 and had secured 91.1% marks. Next, I had joined Sri Chaitamya Junior College under Board of Intermediate Education, AP for intermediate studies. In 2013, I passed the final exams with 91.7% marks. Clearing the engineering joint entrance examination was a breeze for me as I have never shied away from persevering. Subsequently, I took admission in B.Tech (Mechanical) at R.

V.R. & J.

C. College of Engineering, Guntur under Acharya Nagarjuna University. The four year academic span successfully drew to a close in 2017 with me scoring a CGPA of 7.69.

I have appeared for GRE and secured 317 marks (Verbal reasoning: 150, Quantitative reasoning: 167 and Analytical Writing: 5). To prove my linguistic proficiency, I also sat for IELTS exam and scored 7.5 (Listening: 8, Reading: 8.

5, Speaking: 7, and Writing: 6.5). I am proficient in computer languages like C, CATIA, AUTOCAD, and ANSYS. During the final year of my under-graduation, my project pertained to ‘Thermo environmental analysis of biomass co-firing with coal based combined cycle power plant’. We had completed the project in a team of 5 students. Extensive energy analyses were carried out for arriving at the best co-firing based power generation system that would be environmental friendly. Our efforts of co-firing biomass with coal resulted in a robust system that potentially served to decrease the noxious emissions and promoted use of renewable energy.

 While at college, I had been a studious guy but this didn’t mean that I spent the life of a bibliophilic recluse. I took part in numerous tech fests, organized by our college or other institutions, like ‘Shaastra’ which was conducted by IIT Chennai in 2015. I had the privilege of participating in other events like ‘Analytical Thinking’, ‘GES or Global Entrepreneurship Summit’ held at IIT Kharagpur. Taking part in conclaves, start-up camps, and other entrepreneurial events had become my hobby as I saw in myself immense potential that craved to be unlocked through interaction with visionaries and industry experts. My health had deteriorated severely in the 4th semester and this took its toll on the semester end exams wherein I had one backlog. This failure steeled my resolve further and took my hard work and commitment to excel to the next level.

I had emerged stronger from this eventful phase of my life. In the final semester, I had scored maximum marks in Industrial engineering subject. This also fuelled my passion for this even more.

Masters in Industrial Engineering is custom made for engineers with mechanical background like me. I am a critical thinker and would like to learn sophisticated and globally relevant strategies that would leverage the potential of industrial system in better manner. The course is a blend of advanced engineering and management wherein future managers are prepared to take on the challenges by embedding in their characters the perspectives that matter. Human reliability, psychomotor capabilities and human characteristics in equipment are dealt with exhaustively. We would be capacitated to understand the complicated physical association among people, machines, job demands and work methods, design, work quality and assessment of skill. Alongside this, managerial approaches to problem resolution, designing of jobs, participative problem solving, psychological stress handling, ensuring performance effectiveness, product and service quality, and quality of work life would be dwelt upon.The UW-Madison Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering have been consistently ranked among top 10 institutions USA wide. Research opportunities are world class with cutting edge tools available in state of the art labs.

The MS program is ranked 8th in the entire USA. Research spending is one of the highest with the university ranking among top 10 investors across USA. Internship opportunities are galore and occasional guest lectures by eminent industrialists add to the charm of the course. Professor to student ratio is optimal.

After completing MS, I would fly back to India to secure a job with leading MNC. Industrial engineers are in high demand across India as companies are becoming more conscious on the front of cost and waste reduction through enhancement of the efficiency of existing systems. Industrial engineers have proved to be good financial planners and cost analysers for companies. Jobs like ‘Ergonomist’, ‘Plant Engineer’, ‘Process Engineer’, ‘Quality Engineer’. ‘Industrial Manager’, ‘Operational Analysts’ and ‘Quality Control Technician’ await me. In the long run, I aspire to hatch my own consultancy firm wherein I would offer valuable insights sought by industrialists while setting up a new plant or while trying to sustain the profit quotient of a factory during escalation in production costs and amidst stiff completion.

An industrial engineer is a must for developing and evaluating pilot projects, developing prototypes and functional simulations, and appraising the efficiency of enhanced processes. My trip abroad would be sponsored by my father. He runs his own flourishing business in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh State of India. I am furnishing needful documents to certify his financial strength and capabilities along with this SOP.I want to give wings to my ambitions with this MS. To become a truly global professional, international academic exposure is a must for me. Imbibing indigenous and overseas perspectives would enrich me as a person and render me a valuable member of the society.


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