Nathan shames them for something they are unable

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Nathan is ignorant to the fact that the Colognese culture is entirely different from the American culture and disregards the difficulty they have with understanding Christianity. He pushes it upon them forcefully, thus being inconsiderate to the essence and base of their beliefs.

Nathan insults men and women for their lack of clothes when they have no other clothing to wear. *Insert Quote Here* Reverend Nathan Price does not embrace the Congolese culture and their differences but rather shames them for something they are unable to change. He believes the clothing they are wearing to the baptism is informal and disrespectful towards God. However, he is very unsympathetic towards the fact that they simply do not have anything else to wear.

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Nathan Price ignorantly baptizes people in a river where there are crocodiles. “She got killed and eaten by a crocodile. They don’t let their children step foot in the river, ever. Not even to be washed in the Blood of the Lamb” (Pg. 81, Leah). Even after being told that a child’s life was recently taken there, he does not change his approach but simply persists to preach the importance and necessity of baptism and that the river is the only “proper” place to do so. He is unable to acclimate to the Congo’s environment and amend to their ways of living, and essentially, surviving.

Many of the ‘parables’ in the bible do not make sense to the Congolese people as they are unable to relate to and understand it contextually. However, Nathan keeps pushing this upon them when he knows they are unable to understand. “If you change a few words they’ll understand” (pg.

246, Nathan). Nathan is not open to moulding his way of preaching to a way that the Congolese people actually understand. He focuses on making himself look knowledgeable and better than them through his impossibly rich vocabulary and non understandable parables. He does not care to teach them how the Christian ideology can be applied to their daily lives, but rather only how they can ultimately transform and reach salvation.

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