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Last updated: April 27, 2019

The NHS is a massive organisation employing over 1.

5 million employees. The NHS employs over 400, 000 nurses and without the NHS (National Health Service) would be nothing but fiction. Nurses play a big role inside the NHS. From all of the people providing a service in the NHS a nurse is the core of it all. A nurse will perform a range of tasks. Nurses will also work in different places and wards in a hospital.

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This is what I will discuss in my work related report moreover I will discuss the role of a nurse and many other topics regarding towards a nurse.What personal skills and qualities must a nurse have?Being a nurse is a big responsibility. You are only allowed to perform the job if you are 17 or over. There is a lot that is expected from a nurse. Stated below is what qualities and skills a nurse must have to go ahead with a nursing career.Nurses Specialise in:* Adult nursing* Children’s Nursing* Mental health nursing* Learning disability nursingRequired skills:Excellent people skills – Nurses will need to be able to provide care for people of all ages and backgrounds. They need to put people at ease and gain their confidence.

They will also need to deal sympathetically with their own problems and fears because if they don’t, they will not be able to do the job (stay unhappy and stressed all the time).Observation and communication – communication and observation skills are crucial element that will lead to a good nursing career. Listening and talking skills need to be of upmost importance. If a nurse is not talking clearly then the patient may fail to understand what the nurse is trying to say. If a nurse does not listen to what the patient says about his/her illness then the nurse will not know what problem or condition to diagnose. This is why a nurse must have good listening skills. Over a period of time, a patient’s condition might change e.

g. high blood pressure. A nurse must be aware of this (they must stay alert all the time), as failure to do so may lead to a patient’s death or make their condition worse. Sometime a nurse might need to send feedback about a patient’s condition to a doctor or another nurse. This is another good reason why a nurse needs good observation and communication skills.

Deal with emotionally charged situations – careers in nursing will sometimes involve situations where a nurse has to deal with distress part in helping patients and families come through their crisis. It is essential because a nurse everyday will witness a death or an argument occurring. A nurse has to face emotionally charged situations nearly every day.They have to be prepared for the big day ahead.

Nearly every day is a big day or a big challenge.Capable of answering questions and offer advice – a nurse must be able to answer questions confidently when asked by a patient and must also offer advice for those needing it. The reason why this skill is required is because a nurse is going to be asked many questions by a patient. If a nurse confidently answers questions then the patient will feel ease at heart because he/she knows the nurse wants to help.Working as a team – Nurses will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team. They will work with doctors, physiotherapists, anaesthetist, pharmacists, dieticians and many more.

Example: If a patient is going to have an operation inside their gums, the nurse will then work as a team with a surgeon to provide the patient with some pain killers, to exclude the pain. By working as a team, Nurses achieve more.Vocational SkillsDexterous – Nurses must be able to handle and use small fiddly pieces of equipment. Example: They must be able to use an ejection really steadily and calmly. Failure to use a needle calmly could lead to the needle breaking and getting stuck inside the patient.Computer literate – Technology has advanced and, is still advancing. This means a nurse will need to be able to use a computer confidentially. A nurse may not need to be able to know the computer inside out.

The least a nurse should know about computers, is how to type and use software fluently e.g. use Microsoft office word or use Microsoft office excel to create spreadsheets.Fit and healthy – A nurse will need to be fit and healthy as they may have to do a lot of household tasks for the patient like vacuuming the carpet. They may also need to inject patients and for them to do this they will need to be steady and not shivering or shaking. If a nurse injects a patient whilst they are shivering then they may break the needle.Keeping information confidential – Nurses need to keep records and information confident. If a record is not kept confidential then a nurse maybe sacked.

It is again another important vocation skill.Accuracy – Sometimes a nurse may use a clinical thermometer. A clinical thermometer can sometimes be difficult to read. A nurse must always be as accurate as possible.Writing Skills – Everyone appreciates neat writing. If a nurse finishes her shift, she sometimes may fill in some details about a patient. These details include, what medication the patient takes, how often to take the medication and what allergies the patient suffers. These are basic details noted.

All information describing the patient must be clear in order for the next nurse to be able to read it. This skill is not very important if information is to be stored on a computer.Mathematical skills – A nurse needs to be confident in mathematical skills, he or she sometimes might work out the dosage of medicine for a patient, Calculate a patient BMI or BMR or Calculate how much weight an obese person has lost or gained etc.Thinking skills – A nurse needs to think wisely, the decisions she makes can affect the patient’s whole life. A patient can’t wait an hour to find out if he or she has got cancer. This is why a nurse must make quick decisions. The decisions she makes need to also be wise, the best decision and efficient (easy decision).

Talking skills – A nurse must be a bit like a chatter box. She must speak calmly, not too fast and not too slow. She must also consider changing the tone of her voice if it sounds angry. She must answer questions asked by a patient fluently, this means no stuttering. All questions must be answered fully and all advice given by the nurse must be friendly. Example, ‘why not use a smaller bandage? You’ll feel more comfort wearing it’.

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