Native American Literature Quiz #1

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Last updated: May 4, 2019
Linda Hogan (1947-present)
ChickasawEuro-american Father, Mother from OklahomaThe book of Medicines(1993)won american book awardMean Spirit and Solar Storms were pulitzer finalists

Patricia Riley (1950-present)
Cherokee and IrishGrew up in Fort Worth, TexasPHD from Berkleyteaches at Idaho

Diane Glancy (1941-present)
Cherokee and German-EnglishMasters in Englishteaches Nat Am Lit at Macalester collegeClaim breath (1992) won american book awardweebjob was a major play workfiresticks(1993) war cries(1996)only piece of furniture in the house(1996)

Mourning Dove (1888-1936)
Christine QuintasketMother from Colville, WashingtonFather from Okanagan, part of metis tribeMetis are natives americans and french canadiansBorn in a canoe in chutney river, idahoLearned english from her foster brotherwent to Calvary college and know for autobiagraphy

Harriet Maxwell Converse (1836-1903)
White woman born in Elmira, New YorkAdopted into Iroquois nation, SenecaFirst white woman made a 6 nation chief Gaiiwanah (the watcher)Died November 23rd (burried in NYC)

Luci Tapahonso (1953-present)
NavajoBorn on Ship rock, New mexicoyoungest of 11 children on Hopi reservation200,000 navajosB.

A. University of New Mexico

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