Natural coupling agent; nature of the fiber, polymer

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Last updated: May 11, 2019

Naturalfibers exhibit many advantageous properties, they are a low-density materialyielding relatively lightweight composites with high specific properties. Thesefibers also have significant cost advantages and ease of processing along withbeing a highly renewable resource, in turn reducing the dependency on foreignand domestic petroleum oil. Sugarcane bagasse is anabundant source of lignocellulose material.

It can be used as an alternativelow-cost fibrous resource, with suitable properties as reinforcement ofcomposites in biodegradable polymer matrices, increasing the economy of theprocess. Avérous and Halley, 2009, had done work on non-conventional sugar canederivatives using bagasse as reinforcement of composites were prepared, as analternative to conventional materials such as non-biodegradable plastics.D. Maldas et al (1990) studied the effect of thermoplastics (e.g. polyvinylchloride and polystyrene), as well as a coupling agent — poly (methylene(polyphenyl isocyanate)) (PMPPIC) and bagasse lignin, on the mechanicalproperties of particle boards of sugarcane bagasse. The mechanical propertiesof bagasse particle boards were compared to those of hardwood aspen fiberparticle boards, dignified bagasse particle boards, as well as those ofcomposites made from bagasse, polymers and coupling agents.

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Particle boards ofbagasse comprising both thermoplastics and a coupling agent offer superiorproperties compared to those made of only thermoplastic or a coupling agent.The extent of improvement in the mechanical properties of particle boardsdepended on the concentration of polymers and the coupling agent; nature of thefiber, polymer and coupling agent; composition of PMPPIC and bagasse; as wellas lignin content of the bagasse. Moreover, the mechanical properties anddimensional stability of coupling agent-treated particle boards are superior tonon-treated ones.

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