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Negotiation plays an important role in ourdaily life including personal and professional where many people like tonegotiate and few don’t like to negotiate but somewhere everyone has to committhat negotiation assist us to make things easiest to take through suchnegotiation power that only come through the required skills, becausenegotiation is not an easy task to do, it also requires efforts to get successin negotiation, Donaldson, (1996).Many people believe that they are on top notchof negotiation and will always be regarded as adversarial and hostile. Theyneglect the facts of negotiation because of their ‘liked’ value and forget tofollow negotiation process but is it really a truth as it’s a need of everyoneespecially in business practices¸ Charles Craver (2002).Though, the ability tonegotiate properly is absolutely critical in our day-to-day businessactivities. In fact, if we look into the studies then can found that ‘the artof negotiation are “60 percent less successfulthan those who do the negotiation!” IntegrativeNegotiation ProcessWithin the integrative negotiation process,there is a collaborative relation among all parties. This negotiation processhas built based on the “expanding the pie” which allow parties to create valueand satisfy their needs.

This approach is usedto work on win-to-win basis for both parties means there should be anegotiation that must be in favor of all parties so that to make them happierinstead of making individual benefits like in distributive negotiationapproach, “Integrative Negotiation”. There are fewfactors which consider under integrative negotiation strategy in order toachieve the goals of negotiation as follows, “Integrative Negotiation”;·        Goals aren’t in Fundamental Conflict·        Relationship is a High Priority·        Resources can be in any amount i.e.

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not fixed or limited·        There is a trust and corporation among all the parties.Characteristics ofIntegrative Negotiation Approach, “Integrative Negotiation”:-·        This approach focus on commonalties rather than differences·        Within this negotiation, parties attempt to address needs andinterests, not positions·        This approach assist in committing, to meet the needs of allinvolved parties·        It exchange information and ideas·        Invent options for the mutual gain·        Use objective criteria for the standard of performance.This processincluded the four key steps while considering for the negotiation amongparties, “Integrative Negotiation”:-1.     Identify and define the problem2.     Understand the problem and bring interests and needs to thesurface3.     Generate alternative solution to the problems4.     Evaluate those alternatives and select among them.Implementation ofIntegrative Negotiation ProcessWith consideration of this negotiationfactors, characteristics and key processes; these could be apply in the currentissues which school district is facing while dealing contractor where they wantto develop more stringent teacher-evaluation systems.

So, would like to includefew steps, Jessica Long (2013);1.     First, district and negotiators should sit together and find outthe issues within the process of contract means what they have been facingwhile trying to approach contractors for this project. There might be issues ofcosting or feasibility of the project but once, they will sit than can exploretheir issues.

2.     Next step, should understand the generalized issues, and shouldfocus by applying all the factors of integrative negotiations like; goalconflicts, resources issues, relationship matters, and trusting factors andlastly, come-up with a standard equalize solution for all parties. Thissolution must be descriptive so that to understand by all the parties.3.     Now in this step, find out generalize alternative solutions ofthe problems which could be achieve through integrative negotiation characteristicsconsideration i.e.

to focus on commonalties, to address needs and interests,not positions, meet the needs of all involved parties, exchange information andideas, invent options for the mutual gain and follow the objective criteria forthe standard contract agreement.4.     Lastly, evaluate the entire available alternative by consideringall the negotiation parameters which should include benefits and loss for allparties. Then finalize an optimal alternative and settle the agreement with therespective belonging contractor who satisfied with all the conditions of theschool district.                     References Charles Craver (2002).The Intelligent Negotiator.

New York: Roseville, CA: Prima, pp. 78–93.Donaldson, (1996). M.Negotiations for Dummies. New York, NY: Hungry Minds, Inc.”Integrative Negotiation”. A Strategy forCreating Value.

Chapter 4. Retrieved From:

pdfJessica Long (2013). “EffectiveNegotiation Strategies and Preparation”. The Association of Corporate Counsel.  

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