Network result in a disciplinary if used incorrectly

Network Devices


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workstation is used to access the internet, network etc. Any level of access account
can log into one, for example, user, staff and admin. Also known as a terminal,
the workstation is for work related activities only and can result in a
disciplinary if used incorrectly or immaturely.


Webserver and Proxy Server

webserver is used to communicate between a website and a device such as a
computer. It uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to transfer packets of
data to and from the webserver to the device that the user wants the webpage
displayed onto. A proxy server is used to either increase efficiency between
the server and user or to filter data. The proxy server saves recently used
webpages to minimise the wait time after the original user has accessed the
page so it decreases the loading time for the next user who wants to access it.

Interconnection Devices

Router and Switch

router is used to connect devices, such as, networks, computers and mobile
devices to the internet. When a server and a device are communicating the
router finds out where and how to send and receive packets of data to the correct
location. A switch is a network device that receives, sends and redirects data
to the correct destination on a LAN (Local Area Network). The difference
between routers and switches is a router can send data to other networks unlike
the switch.

Wireless Access Point

wireless access point allows wireless devices to connect to a network without
the use of cabling, it saves physical space instead of having ethernet wires
connected from the network to the device. This will increase the number of
devices that can connect to the network because it won’t be restricted by how
many inputs are connected to the network. This is also known as Wi-Fi.

Connectors and Cabling


(Unshielded Twisted Pair) is a copper cable that is commonly used in LANs
(Local Area Networks). It consists of four twisted pairs made of copper, having
them twisted decreases the chances of interference, there is a total of five
types of UTPs, they are; CAT3, CAT4, CAT5, CAT5e and CAT6.

Fibre Optic

optic cabling uses light waves to transmit data, this is possible by using
glass threads. This method of wiring is more efficient than using metal cables
due to the increased bandwidth, data is sent digitally rather than analogically.
A disadvantage to fibre optic is that they’re more expensive to install and can
be easier to break.


Anti-Virus and Firewall

and Firewall software are essential for any device that is connected to the
network, without either of them you could be exposing the network to malicious software
or attacks. Anti-Virus software will detect unwanted and harmful software to
minimise the potential damage it could cause. A Firewall is used to prevent
software from accessing sensitive data or programs.

Email Client

a default email client for workstations on the network helps users navigate,
send and receive emails without requiring help. For example, Microsoft Outlook
is a popular email client especially within businesses, this is because they
can set up and configure their own email addresses that are local to their


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