New but he knows deep inside, how impossible

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Last updated: June 22, 2019

New York, the city of rich. Big buildings, big companies, big opportunities, for some. There are three types of people, the rich and powerful that live in big fancy buildings and that have opportunities.

The middle class people live in the common neighborhoods, have regular jobs and less opportunities. Poor people, some homeless have the worst paying jobs or are jobless and beg for money in the streets. Those are people with almost no opportunities. In the streets of Times Square, lives a guy named Michael Johnson, he can only afford for breakfast a piece of bread, then he goes puts his sign that says, “I tried,” and waits for people to give him some money.

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Michael is tall, with brown dirty hair, and bright brown eyes. He always dreamed of being rich when looking at those who come out of the big buildings and drive their fancy cars. He always says to himself, “Man I wish I could be like them,” but he knows deep inside, how impossible it would be. One day, he was putting up his sign, and a man with his nice suit came and gave him $10. He couldn’t believe it! Then the man said, “Keep on trying friend!”  Michael saw him going to his car and screamed, “Hey, can I ask you something?” The man stopped and said, “What is it you want to know?” Then Michael said, “How did you get to be you?” he laughed, “By taking up the opportunities, I had many like everyone and I took them,” then Michael asked, “And what were those opportunities?” The man sat next to him and started talking about his life since he was 18. Michael couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The man was called John Paulson, he was the CEO of a business company. John was tall, blond hair and black eyes.

Michael asked if he could borrow a pen and a paper so he can write the steps that John took to become the CEO of his company. Then John gave him paper and a pencil and then he had to go. The next day at the same hour, Micheal put up his sign and again John came.

And that’s how it went for several weeks. By the 5th week, Michael’s note book had the main points about John’s successful life: 1. I went to a good university.

2. I started making ideas of what I wished to be, 3. I started looking  opportunities to build my wishes. 4. I took the opportunities (Michael listed and analyzed them). Finally, 5. Effort! Those were the most important steps. When John finished for that day, he said, “I think that’s all Michael,” Michael was upset because he thought that his friendship with John was coming to an end.

Then he started thinking what he would like to want to work on. After some time, he decided  that he wanted to create his own street store(s). The Next day, John (Like always) went to Michael and asked him if he had any ideas for his company.

Michael said, “Here are my ideas, please can you read them and then give me advice?” John took the notebook and started reading. He read and thought about Michael’s ideas for 10 minutes.  Then he stopped and looked at Michael and said, “Let’s start with the main advice, first don’t ever give up, second take opportunities, and third how much money do you have?”  Michael said, “I don’t need money, I have to start from 0,” John laughing responded, “Good luck with that, tell me tomorrow how you are going to do it without a dollar.” Michael started writing like crazy, all his ideas were in that note book. He was ready for John.

The next day John came and said, “Come, let’s go to my office and discuss your ideas there,” Michael was so happy, he thought when he entered the 90th floor , that he would be there every day after he accomplished his dreams. They went up to the last floor and entered John’s office. They sat down and started discussing about Michael’s dreams. They discussed for the whole day, and at the end John said, “Ok, you would have to start by putting in your own money!” Than Michael said, “How Much?” John responded, “$100,000,” Michael said, “I have that, minus $99,970” John then, impatiently said, “And from where do you expect to get that kind of money UH?! From me? Hahaha Impossible.

Did you think I would give you money?!”  the Michael said, “I thought that…” John interrupting, “Get out of my office, I thought you were smarted Michael, but you aren’t, so go and beg for money for thousands of years till you get $100,000 and then we can talk again!” The next day, Michael waited for John, and John was going to his office he didn’t stop to talk with him, instead he passed by him without saying nothing. After some minutes policeman came and told him to leave the street now or he would be arrested. Michael couldn’t believe it, he was upset, sad, angry, and impatient. He made his new home in a street with many stores including a jewelry store. The street was crowded and smelled like food. He controlled his emotions and started thinking. He said to himself, “Ok so if I want to build my company I have to get money, but how can get $100,000 dollars being so poor?” then he thought for a minute and started analyzing the Jewelry store.

Then, in the next week, he robbed a store in the street. He went in with a mask and a plastic gun, and told the cashier man, “Get all the money out!” In a minute he went out that store with $3,000 dollars. Then with that money he got a real gun and nice clothes. Then he robbed another bigger store and the same, but he shot the cashier, and got $7,000 out this time. Police looked for the thief, and when Michael saw that he put on his poor clothes and started begging for money. Then he decided to contact two guys and share his robbery plan with them and tell them what they would win and what they could lose if the plan didn’t work.

Michael and the other two guys decided that they would rob the Jewelry store. In the group, Trevor was big, bald, and he had a big black beard. Sean had short black hair, he was thin with bright green eyes and he was very good with computers. So the plan was for Sean to hack the cameras so that after they robbed there would be no proof of the robbery. Trevor would enter through the roof but first he would put toxic gas in the buildings ventilation and that would cause everyone to faint, and Michael would enter the Store with his mask and start taking the jewels. They needed to do that in 2 minutes.

Outside would be 2 bikes for Michael and Trevor. After Michael took the jewelry they would have to get on the bikes and go out the city to an abandoned house where Trevor lived.  If any police chased after them they would have to loose them in a thin street near the house. That was the plan and they were ready with guns masks and Sean was ready to hack the cameras.

Both Michael and Trevor drove to the back of the store. Trevor went up with his backpack that carried the machine that would release the gases. Meanwhile Michael would wait till Trevor told him that he could enter. When Trevor screamed, “Now M!” Michael put on his mask, reloaded his gun and got the bag where he would put the jewels in.  Michael entered and everyone even the security were in the ground asleep.

He saw the cameras and they were off so he started breaking the glasses and getting all the expensive jewels out. He was nervous that the alarm would sound, but he noticed that Sean took care of that so he kept on breaking more glasses and getting jewels. Then he went behind the store where there was more jewls and he got all of them into the bag.

When the bag was filled with remarkable earrings, necklaces, rings and more, he started to run towards the back exit. When he got out the store Trevor was already in his bike and he screamed, “Get in, get in!” Michael got in his bike and turned it on. When he and Trevor started moving a loud alarm started sounding and he saw that the cameras were on. Both started to drive fast and after 5 minutes police were behind them.

Then it  was time for plan B, they started to drive faster out the city and when they saw the thin street they went through it and they went across a wooden wall. Trevor said we are at my house. Both went in and the police were driving slow looking for them. After 30 minutes the police cars left. “WOOOOOO, YEAH!” Trevor screamed in the house. Then Sean said, “I am so sorry guys the system got messed up and I couldn’t control the cameras nor the alarm,” Trevor said, “Its ok but lucky us we could escape with the money!” Michael couldn’t believe they got away with the jewls and he said, “So gentleman let’s divide the pot!” So then they poured out the jewels out of the bag in the table.

It was a lot so then as they agreed 40% to Michael, 30% to Trevor and 30% to Sean. They stayed for a while watching TV and resting from the robbery. Then Michael said, “Ok, thanks for helping I think business is done here,” then Sean said, “Yes sir it was good negotiating with you!” and Michael responded, “Yes it was, are you two going to stay here ?” and both responded, “Yes we are going to see how much money we got,” Then Michael went out the door with a bag that carried  40% of the Jewls and his backpack with the mask and gun and took a taxi. He arrived to an motel and stayed there. He had 12 pairs of earrings, 6 necklaces, 9 watches, and 18 rings. In total he had around $140,000 and he thought  was enough. He said, “I needed $100,000!” and started to think how to tell John that he got that money sot he could start his company.

Then an idea came to him. He thought that he could tell John that he won a bet with some friends and that with the money he won he could start his company. Michael would ask john for advice and tell him all his ideas and… he was so excited. He decided that tomorrow he would go buy  nice clothes,  get a new haircut combed to the side and  visit his friend. Next day he woke up at 8:00 am,   arrived to a clothing store at 9:00 am. He bought a nice dark pair of jeans that costed $50. Then he bought a nice pair of white shoes that costed $70. Finally he bought a nice shirt that said “BOSS” that cost $100.

Then he went to a hair salon and cut his hair, shaved his beard. He never imagined himself looking so good, with nice clothes, a fancy haircut and with the thought that he would be able to  accomplish his dreams. Then he took a taxi and arrived to John’s building ready to tell him that he got the money. Michael asked the guard to tell John that his homeless friend Michael wanted to see him. The guard called and said, “Sir, there is a guy in the door that wants to see you. Uhu, he says he is your homeless friend Michael…although he doesn’t look very homeless,  Ok sir I will let him know,” Then Michael preoccupied said, “What did he say?” The guard looked at him and said, “He said that you can pass, go to the second elevator to floor 90,” Michael was so exited and trying to remain calm he entered the elevator and pressed the button “90”.

The elevator doors opened and there was John in his desk. He said, “What happened to you Michael, you look really different!” Michael said, “I know right, and it is because I got the money that you told me I needed!” John confused asked, “And how did you get all that money?” Michael started getting nervous and said, “I won a big bet with many friends by luck,” then John questioning him said, “Not to offend you but aren’t your friends poor? And if so how would they be able to bet all that money?” Michael’s hands started to sweat and he said, “There were a lot of friends in the bet, a lot of people John. Don’t you believe me?” John suspiciously said, “Really? What was the bet Michael?” Michael started thinking and he couldn’t think of a big bet that is worth a lot of money so he didn’t answer. “From where did you really get that money from, be honest?’ Michael then said, “You don’t believe me right? From where do you think I got that money from, do you think that I stole that money?” John then said, “With what friends was this bet?” He said that looking and reading his computer. “They are named Trevor and Sean,” Michael then thought that he messed up and that he didn’t have to give those names. John kept reading from his computer and he pressed something underneath his desk.

“What are you doing John?” Michael asked. Then John Responded, “Is it a coincidence that in the past few days a jewelry store was robbed and that the audio from the cameras heard were able to catch the names Sean and Trevor and that both were talking to a M?” Michael couldn’t breath. He thought that John had caught him and that he would accuse Michael.

“And did you know that store was owned by a good friend of mine?” At the exact moment John said that 4 policemen and guards entered the room ordering Michael to lie on ground. They put  handcuffs on him  and walked him to the elevator. John was nodding his head  at Michael while the elevators doors was closing.

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