New Residential Building Technologies as a Modern Standard

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Last updated: September 16, 2019

New Residential Building Technologiesas a Modern Standard of LivingThesedays we live in a very modern society. In the Society where every day somethingnew happens. The scientific revolution of the 20th century gave us a powerfulimpetus to the developmental change of all sides of our life.

We launch rocketsinto space, build underground tunnels for trains, create computer networks thesize of a neural grid of the human brain, explore quantum mechanics processesat the sub micro level, electronic components get more progressive almost everyyear, but at the same time, such significant aspect of our life as the housing remainsalmost unchanged. What kind of solutions might be workable and what are theobstacles in the approach of bringing new technologies into the house building fieldwill be covered in this paper.Interest toconserve energy was not popular in the United Stated for many years; however,things are changing and today more and more people started thinking how to improveit. Fortunately, while we were living carelessly, Europeans, buying energy atvery expensive prices, have already developed all the technology, have carried allthe necessary research out, and are ready to share it. What we need is tochange our attitude, make it our new national idea and bring it to the masses.

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Passive building is a set of design and building rules used to geta significant level of energy efficiency within a specific comfort level inaccordance with these building-science principles:  Extra insulation throughout its entire envelope without thermal bridging. The site’s airtightness, blocking infiltration of outside air and loss of conditioned air. High-performance windows and doors.

Usage of continuous heat recovery ventilation and conditioning system.  Presence of a thermal mass object inside of the building such as slab on grade or massive brick wall that can accumulate and radiate heat or coolness. The orientation of the home on its building site and the selection and placement of the windows allows the house to take full advantage of the sun’s free heat and light.Thoseprinciples can be applied to all building and offer the best path to Net-Zero and Net-Positive housesby minimizing the load that renewables are required to provide. To get aNet-Zero energy house we need to reduce energy consumption to minimum by usingenergy star appliances and LED lamps, while major component is a renewable energysystem.

By making proper calculation on the design stage, a house is made toproduce as much energy as it consumes on a yearly basis. The whole system isnot necessary autonomous as it can be connected to the grid so that it suppliesexcessive electricity into it and get it back when production is low. Whatmatters in this case is the annual production consumption ratio. If from thegrid consumption is zero then a house can be called a net-zero and if itproduces more than it needs then a house can be called Net-Positive; that meansthat electricity can get paid back by the grid operator.

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