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Last updated: October 13, 2019

Next Company Questions Name: Course: Lecturer: Institution: Date: Next Company Questions 22. What are the depreciation method and depreciation rate for vehicles? Answer: Depreciation method activity depreciation (sum of year’s digit method) Extracted from Next Corporate (2011). Page number 51-52 Depreciation rate 15% Extracted from Page number 73 23. How much are the finance costs? Answer: Amount24.

3 Extracted from Page number 43 note number 5 24. How much is the cost of sales? Answer: Amount 244.

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5 million Extractedfrom Page number 43 25. How much is the employee benefits expense and what is the average number of persons employed? Answer: Amount of employee benefit expense 64.3 million Extracted from http://ir2.flife.

de/data/next/igb_html/index.php?bericht_id=1000005&index=&lang=ENG Page number 44 note number 21 Number of persons employed 58,706 Extracted from Page number 59 note number 4 26. How much is the net cash from/(used in) operating activities? Answer: Amount (state your amount in bracket if it is net cash used in operating activities) 452 million Extracted from http://ir2. Page number 47 27. How much is the dividend paid? Answer: Amount 129.6 million Extracted from http://www.nextplc. Page number 46 28. How much is the interest received? Answer: Amount 0.9 million Extracted from Next Corporate (2011). Page number 47 29. How much is the total comprehensive income for the year attributable to the equity shareholders of the Company? Answer: Amount 441.

4 Extracted from Next Corporate (2011). Page number 44 30. List all the equity items shown in the Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity. Answer: Share holders equity (Next Corporate, 2011) References Next Corporate (2011). Chairman’s Statement, Chief Executive Review, Financial Statements and Notice of Meeting. Retrieved From: http://ir2.flife.

de/data/next/igb_html/index.php?bericht_id=1000005&index=&lang=ENG Next Corporate (2011). Next Corporate. Retrieved From:

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