Next, smoothly, such as utility bills. Now, we

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Last updated: May 11, 2019

Next, doing e-business has flexible business hour.

The reason is because internet will never stop operating. In fact, it operates 24/7 for everyone to surf it, and electronic business still on-going even though the owner of the business is busy with other stuff. Due to this reason, it breaks down the time barriers. This means, people from other country with different time-zone may shop online even though the time is different. Unlike location based business, the working hour is fixed. If ones did not operate it on time, then the owner of the business might not achieve their business target, and this usually happen in a shopping mall.Last but not least, the benefit of e-business, it helps the owner of the e-business to earn even more. The reason behind this is because the e-business is able to lower down the transaction cost and the overhead cost.

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The transaction cost is the expenses that incurred when buying or selling the goods and services. An example, order made by customers through online, there are no salesperson interfere, therefore, price of the product will be lowered than the product sold from the brick and mortar business shop. Due to a lower price too, consumer might be thinking of buying more. Secondly, the overhead cost is a non-labour expense, required for the e-business owner to run their business smoothly, such as utility bills. Now, we get to see the most obvious cost that need to be poked out between an e-business owner and a brick and mortar business owner, in terms of the rent bills is the most obvious one.In a nutshell, we can conclude that business today is talking about how you make it global. In order for you to make it global, e-business is one of the fastest ways. Of course, one must have the determination and perseverance to make their e-business to be more attractive and able to make people with different culture to be able to accept it.


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