Nikola idea, a rotating electromagnetic field that made

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 Nikola Tesla was welcomed into thisworld on July 9th, 1856, in Smiljan, Croatia. His father became a conventionalpriest and pushed him toward the church, but Nikola uninterested in religionwas fascinated in mechanics, mathematics and physics. As a child, Nikola lovedto read and retained knowledge extremely well.

He also learned numerous foreigntongues. This enabled him to read far more than what was written in his nativeSerbo-Croatian (teslauniverse). He got his parent approval to studyengineering in a training college in Graz, Austria. In early schooling Nikolaloved mathematics and one of which he was grand in. when he was given a problemto solve he didn’t need a blackboard or sheet of paper. He truly was a genius.When tesla was in late high schoolearly college his studding was so intensive that his health quickly diminished.His father feared that engineering, which required many years of intense studyand to which young Nikola aspired, would further jeopardize his son’s wellbeing (teslauniverse).

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Nikola wasinterested in poetry and literature and was also versed in various languages.He began studying at Charles University in Prague in 1879. But when his fatherdied his schooling was cut short.

His intellect in electricity landed him his 1stjob at a telegraph office of Hungary then to the telephone company in Budapest,and in 1882 to the Continental Edison Company in Paris. While in Budapest, Tesla had an idea, arotating electromagnetic field that made and AC (Alternating Current) electricmotor. Having no confidence in his idea he left for America in 1884 with aletter of introduction to Thomas Edison. The letter was from Charles bachelorhe was an associate and a good friend of Edison. Bachelor was impressed withtesla and urged him to go work with or for Edison. Edison had no interest inalternative current motors but gave him a job designing dc motors.  Tesla left in 1884 because of an argumentfollowing Tesla’s pay and with some help formed his own company to make streetlights.

But while the lamps where in production he was forced out of hiscompany. Poverty followed and for a while tesla dug diches for pay until 1887he made Tesla electric a company with some support of executives of the westernunion telegraph company. He got a lab to explore his ideas forAC motors. From 1887 to 1891 he patented a few inventions of his and in 1888 hesold his patens for an ac motor to George Westinghouse. Tesla’s inventions hada massive impact on cities with motive power for electric railways. After heperfected his idea for the AC motor he went to work on arc lamps to reduce thehum they gave off and he found the higher the frequency the less he heard ofit, which led to the development of the Tesla coil transformer.

One of Tesla’s greatest inventionsthough was the development of the first hydroelectric generator. He alsoexperimented with radiotelegraphy and in 1898 patented a radio-controlled ship.Living alone in a NY hotel room, Tesla was an introvert and would prefer thecompany of pidgins to people. In his later years tesla became a total recluseand an extreme eccentric. Tesla died in January 7th, 1943. Over 2000people came to his funeral in a new York cathedral.

 But by far tesla’s biggest achievement was thehydroelectric plants made in waterfalls and rivers. The hydropower plants getenergy from falling water to generate electricity. The falling water goesthrough a motor and transfers the kinetic energy of the falling water intoelectricity providing a clean and reliable source of electricity. The amount ofelectricity the power plant generates is dependent on two factors, the speed atwhich the water flows through the dam and the amount of water flows through theturbines. To find out the power one dam produces is equivalent to power = (Height of dam) x (River flow rate)x (Efficiency) / 11.8 (wvic). With thisinvention now we have served many people with clean renewable energy.

The thing that surprised me the mostis that he died a broke humanitarian. He did what he did for the betterment ofmankind, to help people have a better life. He didn’t seem interested in moneyor fame.

Although the downside to this is that he never seemed to have enoughmoney for the things he needed to do. Tesla had famous friends like Mark Twainand Sarah Bernhard but he struggled financially. Edison and Westinghouse weremuch more successful businessmen, which partly explains the strength of theirlegacies. (nationalgeographic) Tesla was also anenvironmentalist he was very concerned about the fact that we were and stillare using up earth’s resources too quickly and wanted us to start usingrenewable non fossil fuels. I would not have wanted to be tesla,it seems that he almost worked himself to death a few times and made almost nomoney off of it.

He almost died from malaria twice and that only brings you pain.He lived in the 1800s so not a lot of technology was around and I lovetechnology. He had to study for hours on end and studding is not fun at all. Soto be honest I would not like to be Nicola tesla he made no money for his hardwork, got a deadly disease twice and died alone.

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