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Last updated: August 26, 2019

NIKON D3400 REVIEWOn? ?f th? shining stars in Nikon’s entry-level line i? th? Nikon D3400. Alth?ugh a basic model overall, it’s ?n excellent option f?r th??? l??king t? g?t int? DSLR photography ?nd ?n? th?t offers users th? ability t? grow ?? th?? refine th?ir skills. With th? priority put ?n a lightweight ?nd sleek design, thi? camera works beautifully f?r ?n? enthusiast’s casual use. In thi? article, w? w?uld b? l??king ?t Nikon D3400 review, pros, cons, ?nd performance.

 BUILD AND BUTTONSA? ?n entry-level DSLR, th? Nikon D3400 features a plastic-like b?d? th?t i? standard ?n similar models. Compared t? it? predecessor, th? Nikon D3300, thi? camera i? incredibly lightweight ?nd fits nicely in th? hand, making it a pleasure t? u?? during l?ng shooting sessions. D???it? th? small size ?f th? body, it? textured grip ?nd thumb rest offer ?n?ugh space t? ensure stability. Th?t b?ing said, th??? with larger hands m?? find th? grip t? b? slightly smaller th?n desired but it’s n?v?rth?l??? workable. V?ri?u? controls found ?n th? D3400 ?r? simple ?nd perfectly suited t? beginners.

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Th? top ?f th? camera features typical controls, ?u?h ?? th? power switch, shutter release, info button, video record button, ?nd th? mode dial. On th? mode dial, you’ll find th? “Effects” ?nd “Guide” modes. Th? Effects mode w?uld satisfy th??? wh? enjoy applying filters t? th?ir photos, wh?r??? th? Guide mode offers first-timers a w?? ?f learning h?w th? camera works. DISPLAY AND FUNCTIONSTh? Nikon D3400’s 3.0-inch 921k-Dot LCD monitor with 100-percent screen coverage i? standard f?r a camera within thi? price range. It offers u? a bright screen with a good amount ?f clarity ?nd color-accurate images.

Th? downside ?f thi? monitor i? th?t it i? fixed in position ?nd d??? n?t feature a touchscreen function. Users ??n easily l??k past thi? ?? th? monitor balances th? image on-screen nicely wh?th?r shooting indoors ?r outdoors. However, due t? th? fixed positioning ?f th? monitor, visibility ??n b? slightly compromised whil? working in harsh sunlight. If ??u prefer shooting with a viewfinder, th? Nikon D3400 ??m?? equipped with a pentamirror viewfinder with 0.85x magnification ?nd 95-percent screen coverage.

B???u?? ?f th? 5-percent lack in terms ?f screen coverage, it’s easy t? miss ??m? undesired action th?t m?? b? taking ?l??? in th? outer edge ?f th? frame — but nevertheless, thi? i? th? standard typically found within comparable models. AUTO-FOCUS, SENSOR, AND RESOLUTIONTh? Nikon D3400 features a respectable 24.2 MP DX-Format CMOS sensor with ?n EXPEED 4 image processor. Image quality i? heightened ?v?n furth?r b? th? lack ?f ?n optical low-pass filter, whi?h works t? t?k? th? capture ?f ?v?r? detail ?n? step further. Th? camera’s speed i? typical but good — it starts u? quickly ?nd ?ll?w? f?r continuous shooting ?f full-resolution images ?t 5 frames ??r second. Color i? accurate ?nd captured with full vibrancy.

Th? ISO range i? 100-25600 ?nd performs excellently wh?n compared t? th? competition. F?r optimal quality, b?l?w ISO 3200 i? recommended but ?v?n th? highest level ?f ISO manages t? capture usable images. Equipped with a Multi-CAM 1000 11-point autofocus sensor, th? Nikon D3400 h?? th? ability t? lock ?nt? a subject with ???? ?nd ?t maximum speed, ?????i?ll? und?r good lighting conditions. If ??u ?r? l??king t? capture action shots, th?r? i? a 3D-Tracking function th?t enables autofocus t? f?ll?w a moving subject f?r ??m? solid captures.

However, if ??u ?r? l??king t? shoot fast-paced action ?n a regular basis, thi? camera m?? n?t b? th? b??t option f?r you. Overall, th? autofocus system performs w?ll ?nd i? user-friendly. Simply choose ??ur desired autofocus points with th? directional keypad ?nd ??u ?r? ?n ??ur way. VIDEO AND WIFI CAPABILITIESA? w? wrap u? thi? Nikon D3400 review, let’s t?k? a l??k ?t h?w thi? camera stacks u? f?r th? enthusiast videographer. It offers u? Full HD 1080p video recording ?t 60 frames ??r ????nd — in ?th?r words, excellent quality video with a good amount ?f detail. Ev?n autofocus h?? t?k?n a step u? in terms ?f filming whil? in Live View; ?lth?ugh it’s ?till slower compared t? filming thr?ugh th? viewfinder, th?r? i? a big improvement. It’s important t? note th?t whil? th? D3400 i? a solid choice f?r capturing high quality footage, ??ri?u? videographers will n?t b? pleased with th? omission ?f th? external microphone port.

Th? built-in microphone i? good ?n?ugh t? capture th? audio ??u w?nt but in d?ing so, it ?l?? picks u? ?v?r? element ?f background noise th?t ??u don’t want. Lastly, w? mu?t mention in thi? Nikon D3400 review th?t thi? ??rti?ul?r model unf?rtun?t?l? lacks Wi-Fi capabilities. However, it in?t??d incorporates th? u?? ?f SnapBridge technology, working with Bluetooth t? transfer ??ur images t? ??ur smart device. Thi? SnapBridge technology i? f?r image transfer ?nl? ?nd lacks th? ability ?f remote shutter release. Th? b??t feature i? ??rh??? th? ability t? preview th? images ?n ??ur camera’s memory card, selecting ??ur image transfers ?? ??u g? — perfect f?r keeping u? with ??ur social m?di? presence. PRICINGTh? Nikon D3400 i? ?v?il?bl? in tw? lens configurations: 18-55mm lens, priced ?t $497, ?nd 18-55mm ?nd 70-300mm lenses, priced ?t $597.

 Battery Life i? mu?h longer compared t? it? predecessor th? D3300.  Th? D3400 ??n shoot u? t? 1200 shots compared t? 700 ?n th? D3300. Native ISO sensitivity range i? n?w 100-25,600 (the D3300 h?d th? ??m? ?v?r?ll sensitivity, but ??u needed t? u?? ?n expanded ISO ?b?v? 12,800). PROS • Compact ?nd lightweight • V?r? good ISO performance • Bluetooth f?r file transfers • Improved battery life • Traditional DSLR styling ?nd controls • Snapbridge • L?ng battery life • Simple t? u?? C?N? • Onl? a minor refresh ?f th? D3300 • N? Wi-Fi • Display washes ?ut und?r direct sunlight • Fixed non-touch-sensitive screen • N? Wi-Fi • N? 4K video • Optical viewfinder d???n’t offer 100% coverage A? ??u h?v? ???n in ?ur Nikon D3400 review, th? camera i? a good fir?t step f?r ?n? beginner l??king t? broaden th?ir skills.

With user-friendly controls combined with a Guide mode th?t th? camera provides, thi? model i? easy t? navigate. Aft?r a littl? practice, you’ll b? ?n ??ur w?? t? snapping high quality images th?t f?r surpass ?n? smartphone. Th?nk? f?r sticking ?r?und f?r ?ur Nikon D3400 review.

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