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Last updated: August 11, 2019

In the book 1984, Winston Smith faced many obstacles throughout the story. There are many conflicts in the story, but there are three that I thought were the main conflicts. One of the conflicts is that Winston is trying not be like the others in believing what the party has to say.

Individualism is what he is searching for. The second conflict was “big brother is watching you” page 5. Lastly, the last conflict would be thoughtcrime. I choose this three because throughout the whole book they face these trials the most.Also, because Winston seems to have rebelled against all three of them. The first conflict would be individuality.

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Why? Well, Winston would always try to convince himself that he will not be one of the rest. With the “down with big brother”page eighteen . This quote would represent the anger that Winston feels against big brother wanting to bring him down so it would be all over with.

The fact, that everybody has to dress up in the party uniform. Everybody is tricked into believing the lies and propaganda of the Ministry of Truth. you choose to be an individual as Winston wanted to so, you would be sent to Room 101, get re-educated, and wiped out of existence. Winston knew that everything the party said was a bunch of crap and that the Proles was his only chance at freedom. As the end comes Winston has completely lost his individuality, and has lost his identity and meaning.

Winston is worse off in the end of the novel because he has lost his meaning. Second main conflict would be their dedication to Big Brother against their human feelings.They weren’t allowed to do much like believe in love, sex, or doubting.

If they did i believe that the party made them think that because their love for Big Brother would be less than their love for sex. Winston didn’t believe in big brother because he thought that all he had to bring was brainwash peoples head and bring unpleasant lives to the people in Oceania. For he did meet Julia and being with her was prohibited and the party made both of them betray one another.After all, in the end, Winston ended up losing everything and accepted the fact that he loved Big Brother. Last conflict would be thoughtcrime. Thoughtcrime is death. if you even think about something against the principals of the party you are committing thoughtcrime.

They catch you if you are overheard saying something out loud or by showing anything unusual such as a nervous twitch it can make them suspect. Winston started writing all the things he hated and they were thoughtcrimes. Winston was then caught and arrested.After being arrested they start punishing you and start to fill your head with the partys propaganda, until you come to love and dore Big Brother which in the end he does come to the point to accepting it.

After they do finally accept it then they erase your existence and everything you came to know. This book was a very interesting book because you would never even think a certain point if that could ever happen anytime time soon. The book gives us a message at how cruel society could be and what it is actually capable of. The ending to this book was really unexpected because it was not what the readers hoped for.

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