Ninh cuisine. Read on to see top dishes from

Ninh Binh cuisinereview – Goat Meat – Top dishes in NinhBinh VietnamGoat meat has longbeen a favorite specialty of Ninh Binhcuisine. Read on to see top dishes from Ninh BInh’s goat meat.  When coming to Ninh Binh Vietnam, touristswill be amazed by not only scenic landscapes, historical sites, national parksand hospitable locals, but its special and unique cuisine as well. In additionto burned rice, eel vermicelli and Kim Son sticky wine, goat meat is also sucha hit with visitors. Therefore, it is no surprise when this dish is listed on the”Top 50 Vietnamese specialties” by the Vietnam Record Center onSeptember 7, 2012. There are many different things to do in Ninh Binh Vietnam, but missing Ninh Binh’s goatmeat will be a big pity, thus let’s read on to explore all these best dishes tohave a really amazing trip to this land.

Obviously, the goat meat is popular everywhere; however, I amsure that you are often served with raised goat meat and Ninh’s Binh goat meatwill be definitely different – fresh, low fat and aromatic. Do you know why? Peoplesay that many Ninh Binh possesses many limestone mountains and goats run moreso the meat will be firmer than that of goats gazing on the hills or farms. Moreimportantly, the processing secret is the main reason making Ninh Binh’s goatmeat a local specialty built into its culinary brand.

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 1.      De U TrauThe meat must be from the goats gazing on the mountain – it issoft and fragrant. Goats often run on the mountains, eat leaves of forest treesand leaves on the cliffs so their meat is more nutritious. Mountain goats are preparedcarefully, then mixed with lemongrass and other fragrant leaves. Then thelocals cover the goat with husks, use the straw to fire the husks, and keep theheat until it is cooked. They grill and flutter for hot fire spreading all overthe goat. The meat is luscious, sweet and has fragrant lemongrass anda crispy crust. This dish is better served with burned rice, herbs and gingersauce.

This is one of 10 delicious goat meat dishes in Ninh Binh you must try.Don’t miss it! 2.      Chan De Ham Thuoc BacThere are many delicious goat meat restaurants in Ninh Binhthat can process food and medicine to improve health – That is Chan De HamThuoc Bac. This unique dish is the creativity of the Ninh Binh, the meat of thegoat has now been served with traditional Chinese medicine is “wonderful remedy”for our health. Chan De Ham Thuoc Bac is easy-to-eat and easy-to-cook by simplycutting the feet of the goat into smaller parts, adding the purple onions and simmeringwith the package of medicine in between two to three hours to get the besttaste. This dish is of good quality as the stewed sweet water and the medicinalherbs remove the smell of goat meat. You should enjoy this wonderful dish with noodlesor herbs in cold rainy days.

Therefore, this dish is also in the list ofdelicious goat meat dish with all NinhBinh foodie. 3.         De Nuong Ngu ViAnother best goat meat that tourists should not miss whentravelling to Ninh Binh is De Nuong Ngu Vi.

This dish conquers the most difficultguests because it is the harmony of the five main spices: satay, lemon grass,garlic, ginger, sugar, cooking oil and seasoning powder. Sliced ??goat meat isthen marinated for five minutes, sometimes mixed and then baked on the charcoal.During the process of cooking, the chef must turn and flip continuously forcooked meat, finished products are pieces of aromatic grilled goat meat. Duringthe Ninh Binh trip, what is more exciting than sitting with your family andfriends around the table goat meat and enjoy De Nuong Ngu Vi and sipping KimSon sticky.  4.

 De Tai ChanhOne of the favorite goat meat in Ninh Binh is De Tai Chinh,which is made from covering the goat meat through the pot of boiling water andadd the lemon juice to mix and squeeze until they are blended. Some pepper,garlic, fresh peppers, lemon leaves and sesame also make its taste. Goat meat must be fresh, thinly sliced, and covered with toboiling water but not to be ripe as the meat will lose sweetness. Thisdelicious goat meat dish should be eaten with some leaves, herbs and cherriessuch as figs, green bananas soaked in vinegar and dots with soy sauce for along time.  5.   De Xao LanThis dish is slightly complicated, but it is really worthtrying. The meat must be fresh, sliced ?thinly, be clean after being put into apot of water with vinegar.

This dish will be aromatic as the taste of garlic,lemongrass, and ginger. In order to prepare this specialty of Ninh Binh’s goat meat,we have to fire the oil pan and sauté the meat with onion, perilla, and spices,then sprinkle on top of sesame or roasted peanuts. You can enjoy it with hotsauce, with rice, or with vermicelli. I bet that if you try this dish once, youwill understand why De Xao Lan is one of the favorable goat meat of Ninh Binh contributingto a diversified Ninh Binh cuisine. 6.   De Xao Xa OtFor me, every single dish from Ninh Binh’s goat meat isworth trying.

De Xao Xa Ot is also an attractive goat meat dish from Ninh Binh thattourists should not forget. It shows the diversity and creativity in Ninh Binh cuisine. The raw materialsare fresh mountainous goat meat and can be varied via a wide range ofprocessing secret to create many different strange and luscious dishes. Minced goat meat is marinated with lemongrass and freshpeppers. Turn on the stove, fire the oil and cook the meat.

After that, we willbe served with a goat meat dish bringing full of distinctive taste and appealingcolor. These above are top 6 best dishes from Ninh Binh’s goat meatthat you should try when visiting this cultural and historical land. I alsogive you some recipes to make these dishes; however, to enjoy the best taste,let’s go and explore Ninh Binh cuisine.

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