Nitrogen eager to tend to their gardens and fix

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Last updated: September 2, 2019

Nitrogen pollution does not affect only the quality of the air we breathe, but also the land and the water we drink. Nitrogen is one of the most abundant element in the air and it is very essential to plant and animal life, and because of that on long island Nitrogen pollution has become a major problem. Excessive nitrogen pollution has been formed in our bays from leaks in our sewages that have caused massive fish kills, turtle deaths, and toxic algae blooms in bays and because of this it also has lead to many closings of beaches and water bodies on Long Island. Nitrogen pollution threatens our environment in many different kinds of ways for example like our health and also our economy, and quality of our lives. As read from articles Long Island’s clean water companies create jobs and generates hundreds of millions of dollars every year for our regional economy.

One major cause of all the nitrogen begin produced and spread on long island is because here New Yorkers are said to be very eager to tend to their gardens and fix up their front yards for the summer months and because of that it brings us to spread and deposit many different kinds of fertilizers to our grounds. Fertilizer is a common solution for brown spots left on the lawn from the harsh winter months, and it provides a faster and easier way for an extra boost for growing flowers in the summer right after the winter seasons. While fertilizers are used to brighten and help grass grow in the yard in the summer there are bigger kinds of consequences that the average Long Islander is totally unaware. Articles have indicated that social science researchers have conducted many experiments that have been tested by The Nature Conservancy in Long Island that there is conflicting values between Long Islanders fertilizer usage and their concerns about the quality of their own drinking water and waterways. From a page that a long islander made Nitrogen pollution in water is directly tied to a specific development pattern which is land use trends, fertilizer use, failing sewers, residential cesspools, and septic systems. In a very short explanation the majority result of all the nitrogen is from sewage. As already known scientists have agreed that these harmful toxic tides are being filled by nitrogen from wastewater, including the septic tanks and cesspools.

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