Noise us the unwanted sound which released and

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Noise pollutionWhat is noise pollutionThe noise pollution defined us the unwanted sound which released and impact to the environment it disturb the human ,birds and other animal that living in the environment . All of you know what is sound . That time sound come to high,loud and cause for harm the environment also make the pollution by loud noise. And makes the different noise waves.

Noise pollution is annoying and excessive degree in the environment .in all of country at varies time the sound was produced by humanity and other things that humanity produced that is cause for noise pollution  . And the sound is measured by decibel (dB) .if sound is more than 100dB that cause for giving up the hearing loss,noise near the 90dB cause to hearing weakness .The sound between 0dB and 140 dB.

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0dB does not mean that there is no sound ,just we can not hear it.that time we can hear more than 140dB .it is too painful for our ears and risk for damage to your hearing .The source of the most outdoor noise worldwide is mainly caused by transportation system,motor,machines,air craft and trains.

Poverty in the other country cause for high noise or other country have industrial area ,must have the planing for decreasing the noise before come to for environment What cause for noise pollution?In pervious part we give you some information about what is noise pollution in this part talk about the causes for noise come to high1-Industrial causesIndustry it means produces the new products .in this place we should be have machines .other machines cause for increasing noise pollution 2-poor urban planing Give to raise of noise pollution .if there any government do not have the plan for reducing noise ,when the noise is increasing that is cause for high level of pollution by noise .increasing the rate of residential area and factory in poor urban 3-TransportationLarge number of causing transport raise the rate of pollution by noise .for example car ,bus , tractor,train,big car and other transport thing .in the big city have the high level of noise pollution because number of population high and number of cars come to high .

?in the large city aircraft make a big problem for urban.for example london , mombai and chicago 4-construction activities When say construction it means construction other things in other places. construction activity like construction bridge ,dames.tower,and roads .6-House hold choresUrban people are surround by gadgets or other house equipment and use some or in daily life.gadgets like mobile,TV,mixer grinder and cooker, vacuum cleaner,washing machine ,refrigerator ,air condition .all of produce high amounts of noise.inhabits affects the quality life of the neighborhood.7-Agricultural machines Most of agricultural machinery make the sound that cause for raise the amount of noise .agricultural machinery like thrasher , tubewells ,tractor,power tillers and harvesters .this machinery do the work easier and less than time,but cause to produce high levels of noise .in the state of punjab in india the agriculture machinery cause to high levels of noise pollution the range between 90dB to 98dB.When the noise recorded a high level of pollution by noise .it cause to make some health problems or other effects in the environment .I want to give you some information about effects noise pollution on the people ,land ,water ,and all of the thing that living on the earth.What is effects of noise pollution? 1-Hearing problems any unwanted sound that circulate in the environment .make a problem for ears .man made noise such as jackhammers ,air plane,horn push and the transport system made a high level of noise .can easily result in the damage of our ear drams and loss of also reduce our sensitivity to sounds that ears pick up unconsciously to regulate our body rhythm.2-Health issuesIncreasing the amount of noise it means excessive noise that cause for exposure people of high the amount of noise .in such areas for example offices,construction sites ,bar and our home can influence psychological health .in the environment some disease are circulate and affects in the people for example aggressive behaviour ,disturbance of sleep ,constant stress , fatigue and hypertension there in turn can cause more severe and chronic health issues later in life.3-Sleeping disorder Loud noise can to be the cause for hamper in sleeping pattern.that time they have disorder in the sleeping cause to made some problems such as fatigue and the performance in the office or home 4-cardio-vascular issuesThe high level of noise pollution cause for high level in ;blood pressure ,cardio-vascular disease and stress related heart problem .that is cause for changing heart beats rate and disrupt the normal blood flow.5-trouble communicating High decibel of noise can make trouble and may not allow two people to communicate freely,communication and speech as a result ,it lessens the capacity to work effective .because communication difficult can lead to irritation ,exhaustion ,lack -self confidence ,and concentration problems noise is directly interrelated with a decline in concentration and increase in aggression.6-Effects of wild life and marine animalsThe excessive level of noise pollution affect on the animal .the sound of the ship or other factories near the sea that been affect .and cause for death any animal in the sea by the informal balance of the sound ….What are doing about it ?It means what are doing about reducing the high level of noise pollution .for reducing causes and effects .that causes for harmful and discomfort the humanity and other living organism…..On Land  Some ways for reducing noise pollution in the land ,for example in the traffic in other country must be have a plane for construction a quiet roads and reduction barriers around major traffic areas and implement the legal for example in the residential areas must be have a legal for looking for the process be free started and after completed.In the sea To understand the way that noise pollution is generated.scientists are working to understand and achieve the main causes for the most problem .the are more connected with industry and government .how established the quiet area for marine spaces and reducing noise level in critical habitats .developing greater technology , including quieter ships ,”halls shapes and machinery and prevent for national organism to the amount of noise (by an sources) that can be related into he ocean …..HOW do reducing noise pollution in my environment generally1-Double__paned windowsIf you live near the air port ,factory or main road .you must be take double paned windows for reducing harm by the high level of noise .2-Reduce workplace noiseIf you work in office with employer when talk about other must be talk by lower noise.3-Use earplugs Is a small thing that fit into our ear canal .some time can reduce into the bad point of noise in your ear.if you work in other place that have the high level of noise .that is the good idea for using the earplugs.4-Stay away from noise area There place that cause for producing noise pollution for example industrial areas, factory ,airport should be construction for away from the residential area.5-Go green by planing treesFor reducing bad point of noise we can plant more trees that absorbents the noise between 5dB to10 dB .6-Use noise absorbent in noisy machinery If you have the big machinery that circulate large amounted of noise .that time you think about take some noise absorbents to reduce noise level.7-Notify authorities about disobedience of noise rules.We can notify the authorities and other things that responsibility about us for controlling the high level of noise before causes for discomfort and damage the large amount of environment .8-regularly check noise level In industry complex and indoor to keep noise level must be take a symbol for reducing noise pollution .in other places the bargee or truck can not be use horn…..CONCLUSIONIn the last I know noise pollution is one of the big cause for pollution environment .harm people and other animal that living there .if we want to reduce the effects of noise pollution must be connect with the factors and the government.both them help the environment for recovering the normal live .science work to understand the problems for reducing or solving this problems .but the main point is must be construction the factories or industrial plants far away the residential area or the  sources of life such as water

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