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Last updated: October 13, 2019

Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Nomination for LTSO of the year Appearance Over the period that LTSO Windfield has occupied office, he has managed to maintain a high standard of standard of excellence with regard to his appearance. LTSO Windfield adopted a principle of professionalism by maintaining neatness that is a basic requirement in most businesses.

Careless dressing would imply Windfield did not care about his job. The way Windfield presented himself in the office constantly changed the approach by other people when they met him. The high standards of appearance set by Windfield have improved the overall image of the company. Windfield is quite official, fast-paced and formal, and this conveys an image of experience and stability. Personal grooming In specific lines of work, the perception of the client is crucial as it determines the level of success of the company. Windfield is one of the younger employees who maintain professional contact with potential and present clients. This enables him get greater deals and accounts than most other employees. Windfield’s advancement within TSA is partly attributed toward his demeanor and appearance.

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Most management staff has commented on his ambitious characteristics that are meticulous and appropriate. An employee’s look has an effect on the hiring choices, especially when physical appearance defies the basic principles of a company. Knowledge of the Job/Stand Operating Procedures An employee’s skills, expertise, and knowledge are crucial in ensuring the success of the business. In the performance appraisal aspect of the company’s affairs, employee competence comes up as a pertinent issue. Windfield is a qualified employee that obtained a high recommendation from the college. Therefore, he is competent enough to manage all the work requirements that are forwarded to him.

TSO has several work duties that have been sufficiently carried out by Windfield for several years. Each company has its own standard operating procedures that define how employees undertake an assignment. Checkpoint Operations & Screening, Baggage Screening When assigned a task, Windfield tackles each practical challenge competently, methodically and efficiently to ensure that quality results are relayed to the management. In various instances, his expertise has been applied to accumulate TSO a considerable amount of capital.

Windfield also uses his practical knowledge to produce frequent improvements in the company procedures, processes and operations. An example of Windfield’s contribution was the renovation project that was successful because of his direct contribution. The employees’ ability to interpret extremely difficult information and present it in a manner that is comprehensible and fascinating. The employee is also skilled in completing tasks that meet all the expectations and deadlines.

Windfield has a method of presenting complex information in comprehensible portions and expertise that reflects the particular problem or situation. Apart from applying his own skills, Windfield also enhances the proficiency of his associate employees. Although Windfield is already qualified, he regularly updates his technical skills by attending evening classes on human resource management. Personally, he is also willing to give suggestions and comments that are weighty and respected. His passion to continue learning more about employee matters is reflected in his efforts toward taking up new education programs for employees. When free, Windfield spends most of his time reading for pleasure. Other additional skills Windfield is fully conversant with the printed standard procedures for TSO, has zealously guarded, and implemented all the aspects, processes, machinery and risk factors within the company. As an employee, he has provided all the relevant information that ensured working with him to provide a healthy and safe environment.

As the supervising officer within TSO, Windfield is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the welfare, productivity and safety of all the employees in the various departments. To this extent, he has proved to be the best supervisor in handling employee issues to improve their productivity and satisfaction. The mentioned employee, Windfield is therefore qualified to receive the LTSO of the year award.

Customer Service Windfield has been influential in bringing in and retaining customers to the company. However, Windfield realized that retaining customers was more profitable and sought to strengthen this aspect of the company by engaging in a strong customer relationship (CRM) program that would ensure a seamless link between the customers and the company. Windfield has been influential in selecting the right employees for different departments within the company. The recommendations he made have been valuable as he works alongside the lower level employees and is better placed to know their strengths and weaknesses. Attendance TSO has a strict policy of employee attendance that has consequences on the payment and reward system. Windfield always arrived at work before the scheduled time to prepare the day’s work, and is ready to start the day’s work well before the other employees arrive. Windfield also showed a willingness to maintain the early morning and late evening schedules every day for a long time. In times of crisis, Windfield occasionally misses any vital breaks or lunches to work on deadlines and finish projects.

Apart from the regular working days, Windfield has also made an effort to appear for other company functions such as conferences and bonding sessions. Attitude The attitude of an employee is related to the amount that they earn and the rank they hold in the company. Windfield however opposed this notion by being humble, positive and ambitious. Positive attitude has led Windfield to achieve greater heights and increased productivity among the employees within TSO because the company appreciates his contribution immensely.

By feeling good about the amount of work done, Windfield responds by increasing the effort in his work. Apart from increased effort, Windfield has other qualities that serve to make him the most appropriate man for the LTSO award. Moreover, Windfield regularly works in the data entry department where he maintains a network that facilitate the operationsHe also precisely completes the daily ADASP and PMIS reports daily. Windfield has a strong team spirit that enables the different departments in the company to work as a unit.

He can combine the efforts and contribution of the employees toward a common goal of increasing productivity, lowering costs and meeting the company’s objectives. All employees have developed the need to work together thanks to the contribution of the supervisor, Windfield. Issues such as inadequacy and personal problems are rare for Windfield, as he takes ample time off work to spend time with his family, and sort out his personal issues. Leadership Within the first year, Windfield rose to become one of the highly valued and effective team members that are greatly treasured by the management. Windfield managed to attain this position by constantly meeting the job requirements. Furthermore, he has always set out to alter any areas that bring problems to produce more efficient and cost saving solutions.

The first quarter of operation for Windfield showed a massive change due to the leadership skills he applied to introduce innovative ideas to the company. He also shared these ideas with the rest of the company after which he oversaw the implementation.

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