Normally, as building made from clay, mud and

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Normally, I will encounter people describing African Architecture as building made from clay, mud and people living in small, little huts, with straws as roofing, it is a big disappointment to see how people view and stereotype African as continent, based what they are being  shown on the TV or heard, throughout the debate, I will be proving that African Architecture is far more than a building made of clay, mud and people living in small, little huts, with straws as roofing, in a way that African Architecture has its own identity and diverse style, which is creating a diverse path for Africa, where the rest of the world is looking and admiring from a distance, as they increment and incorporate the diverse style for Africa, in the western world as the movement makes a breakthrough.African Architecture is creating a diverse style for Africa, as African Architecture is contained an art movement, that interlocks culture and artwork,African Architecture is the architecture of the African continent expanse from north to south, from east to west, on both sides of pre-history to ancient, out-of-date to contemporary movement.

African Architecture agreements by means of the creative and technological demand of African dwellings and accommodation of the human being. Most bias Eurocentric scholarship has preferred to an agreement with the original characteristic and superintend the technical and historical. Such allowance has cautiously been chosen toward an arrangement concluded the vernacular and superintends the ancient monumental architecture– tombs, walls, palaces, in the establishment of the opinion that Africa, particularly the sub-Saharan Africa lack those structure, conflicting to the accounts of European travellers, Arab buyers, and other outside visitors to the continent. Unfortunately, the main class of monumental structures in Africa are south of the Sahara, in Nigeria, Sungbo’s Eredo and the Benin Walls.

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Of most current growth is the unearthing of the general use of fractal projects within African art and architecture– self-similarity, in which the separate parts are the same method as that of the whole. Furthermore, in this discussion, I will be talking about how Islam and Christianity have a heavy influence on the movement, architecture predominate among the visual arts, throughout, the debate I will be being the wild elements to the characteristic and materiality within the African Architecture,Through the whole of the debate it shows African Architecture Vernacular Architecture, as the movement displays trial and error, as we all evolve, Vernacular Architecture reveals a great range of human behaviour and atmosphere, principal to differing building methods for practically every single diverse context; even neighbouring communities might have faintly diverse methods to the construction and usage of their dwellings, even if they at first give the impression if the same. Notwithstanding these differences, each structure is an issue to the same laws of physics and henceforward will demonstrate noteworthy comparisons in structural procedures.

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