Norse Mythology: Baldur’s death

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Norse Mythology: Baldur’s death In the Norse myth; Baldur’s death several male characters take part in its proceedings. They also hold several male archetypes. An archetype is a character that is typical of someone. An archetype makes someone who they are.

Four main male archetypes exist: The King, the Magician, the Lover and the Warrior. In the myth; Baldur’s death, several male characters, are in existence. First is Baldur. He is a son to Frigga and Odin. Baldur is also companion to Nanna. Baldur portrays the archetype: the Lover. This is an archetype of emotion, feeling and idealism.

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He is seen to feel alive with pep and vigor as well as connected with the world around him. He is empathetic to others and understands how to get along and connect with a wide variety of people. This is probably why it is said that he was the most loved god among the Aesir. We can also see this archetype when he allows the other gods to hurl things at him. He is easygoing and free-spirited. Another prominent character in the myth is Loki, the evil god. He portrays the Magician archetype.

This archetype is rooted in the desire of one to possess secret knowledge and the ability to use it to manipulate events, thus producing desired outcomes. The yearning to control that power is what spurs the magician archetype. It is shown when Loki desires to know what is Baldur’s weakness. Eventually, he finds it and causes Baldur’s death through Hodur. Odin, Baldur’s father, highlights the Warrior archetype. He is decisive.

This is shown when he organizes for a meeting among the gods to avert Baldur’s death. Odin is also detached. When news of Baldur’s death reaches him, he focuses instead on how to bring him back from Hell. Odin sends Sleipneir, his steed alongside Hermodur the divine messenger as he goes to Hel.

Thor represents the King archetype in the aforementioned myth. In this archetype, one is said to have perfected the three other archetypes. Thor ‘blesses’ the lives of others.

This is seen when he put the torch to Baldur’s pyre during his death rituals.

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