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Last updated: October 14, 2019

Norton Antivirus for Apple Computers Name: Course: Date: Norton Antivirus for Apple Computers Introduction Antivirus software is important in protecting the computer from programs that may harm it. For apple computers, the Norton Antivirus for Mac is the ideal antivirus software.

It protects apple programs in your computer from infection in turn preserving users’ data held in these programs. The Mac antivirus acts as a shield against dangerous applications that may interfere with the effective functioning of the computer. It offers multiple protections against worms, Trojans and viruses. It also provides antivirus protection while the user is online. This ensures that potential threats from the internet are blocked and destroyed before they cause any harm. In addition to internet protection, the Mac antivirus also protects the user’s Email.

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It carries out scans on messages and email attachments. It thus offers a strong and comprehensive protection against harmful content that may infect an apple computer and cause loss of information. Efficiency The Norton antivirus contains real time shields that enable it effectively protect your apple computer from harmful programs. It provides easy and efficient virus detection using signature matching.

This technology involves tracking bits or trails left by viruses and destroying them before they harm the computer. The Mac antivirus also ensures real time protection by carrying out periodical background scans on the computer. Norton antivirus for Mac also prevents any suspicious files or programs from executing until the owner verifies their validity. Its efficiency and unique virus detection ability enables prompt detection and destruction of programs that may harm your apple computer.

Unique Elements The Norton antivirus provides various important features that help protect your Mac or apple computer against harmful programs. First, there are several scan options available. There are full scan, quick scan and custom scan options. Custom scans enable one to choose specific folders or files to scan. Scans can also be paused and resumed according to the user’s preferences.

It also provides users with details about each scan and the threats detected. After virus detection, it provides the user with options on how to treat the threats. Interface With the antivirus, users will enjoy a simple user interface compatible with the Apple OS X operating software. There are only a few menus making it easy to navigate through the program.

The commands are clear on the menu, and one can choose out of the options given. A status menu is provided to help the user to keep track of the tasks being carried out by the application. The software also has options for automatic and real-time updates. Automatic updates ensure greater protection against new threats. Support Symantec provides technical support for users having problems with their antivirus software. Users with problems or concerns while using or installing the software can contact Symantec representatives through phones, chat or email. The Norton website also provides forums, through which users can share information, assist each other and answer other users’ questions.

The website also provides users with a knowledgebase where users can get the information they need and access Frequently Asked Questions. The software also comes with a user manual, which shows steps to be followed for each process. Conclusion The Norton software for Mac provides exclusive virus protection for apple computers.

Its ease of use and unique features make it the best choice for apple users who want comprehensive virus protection not only for their computers but for other computers, as well. Making Norton the choice antivirus for one’s Mac computer or apple PC will ensure maximum protection against harmful programs. References Techmedia Network 2013. (2013). Norton Antivirus for Mac 12.

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