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Not knowing she was going to become a missionary, young Amy Carmichael was called by God to serve him in other countries since she was 18.

She lived during the 1800s to the 1900s. Carmichael helped the kids, especially younger girls who is a temple children, because they would be treated badly. I chose this book because every year at school, we celebrate All Saints’ Day and almost all the time, someone will chose to present on Amy Carmichael.

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Listening to them telling about her life makes me gain interest in her life and story. It was great hearing that she served to Lord in an unfamiliar place with the country where people do not accept your race (She was Irish, so white people are not common and sometimes not accepted in China, Japan, or India back then). Her work hard reflected her pure minds that wanted to make the environment of people around her better.    Amy Carmichael was born on December 16, 1867 in Northern Ireland.

She was the oldest of her seven siblings. She had a helping heart since she was young, for example, one day Amy saw a mouse drowning in the water, she scooped it up and put it in her pocket. Later, she was punished by her father because it made a sound and interrupted the prayer. Her dad was a devoted Protestant. One day, Amy went out with her mother to a tea cafe, while she was eating, a little girl who looked all messy and hungry stared through the window with a sad expression on her face.Suddenly, her father passed away.

The young Amy now had to changed herself to become the one looking after her siblings. Her family had to move to another city in a smaller house due to income.     Without knowing that what she wished and wanted will come true, Amy continued to learn with faith in God hoping someday she can go serve him. And that day came, she travelled to Japan. She met a little girl and questioned her if she knew who God was, the girl replied and said that she was going to a magic lantern show where the missionaries will held a play.

She kept that in mind, studied the people around her and made Christianity easier to relate to their culture. The population of Christianity in the town she stayed increased after she came. But when the things were going smoothly, her health was declining and she had to left after staying there for 15 months. Some years passed by and Amy was now ready to go to the next place. God had chosen India for her, which will be the place where she will settle and live there for the rest of her lives. At India, it was harder than Japan because they have a caste system.

Amy was considered an outsider because she was white, but unlike her brothers, who had blue eyes, she was able to gain acceptance easier in India. Still, sometimes she had to dye her skin brown and dressed like an Indian. The strict rule of the caste system made it hard for the untouchable to live, sometimes mothers would give up their child to be prostitute in the temples, and the children would be treated badly. There was a girl named Preena and her mom told her to be a prostitute at the temple, but she did not want to, so she escape from there to Amy.

After that more and more people came to Amy and she help provided shelters and food for the kids.Amy loved the children as if they were her own children and they would called her ‘Amma’. Her ministry was called Dohnavur Fellowship. This book makes me grateful of Amy Carmichael for saving the kids and helping them when they needed someone the most. She knew what she wanted to do since young and she was able to do it with so much respect from other people. Going to a foreign land was a hard task to do and she was able to overcome it. She served God until her last breath. I learned that even though you are unsure about the future, doing what is right in the present is the best.

I recommend anyone who likes reading biographies with interesting stories. The author descriptively talked about events and makes it more enjoyable to read. You won’t get too bored reading the book.

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