now wit again without furtherado let’s get into

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now we all know that I spend quite a lotof time in the gym the gym is my homeaway from home the only thing that mygym is missing is my dog Navy and foodtwo very important things now over thistime and many years spent at the gym Ihave come up to know many tips andtricks and hacks that helped me feelmore prepared for my workouts and morecomfortable in the gym I hope that youguys enjoyed this video if you do pleasebe sure to give it a thumbs up and neverforget to subscribe so you never miss afit tip with wit again without furtherado let’s get into the video sometimeswhen you’re in the gym exercises can getvery awkward and uncomfortable now inthe beginning it’s gonna feel awkwardand uncomfortable but then you’ll begoing to the gym for a few years andyou’re just like whatever but if you’rein that awkward uncomfortable stage haveno fear if your butts up in the air Igot you covered we’re gonna cover yourbutt with a sweatshirt this tip isespecially helpful on leg day when yourbutt is up in the air because you’redoing deadlifts squats are tiel’s if youfeel any sort of uncomfortable take asweatshirt with you to the gym or wrapit around your waist tie it up andyou’re covered this tip is one of myfavorite and it reflects all the time inmy workouts jerk steer workout so you’renot running around the gym back andforth fighting people for equipment ifyou have a lot of dumbbell work hit allthat dumbbell work first before movingon to the cables or the smith machine orwherever your workout calls forMusicnot only is it going to help keep yourhead in the gameyou’re gonna stay it more focus andyou’re not gonna be getting in fights inthe gym with other people when you wantthe cable machine and the guys using itand then you want to go back to yoursquat rack but it’s already taking andthen you’re stuck you with nothingnothing is worse then all the way to thegym you got ready for the gym you got inthe car you drove all the way to the gymnow you’re inside the gym and you lookat yourself in the mirror and yourealize you got deodorant stains on yourshirt it’s embarrassing especially ifyou got a black top on they just reallypop something that has saved me is bybringing baby wipes with me to the gymso when I show up to the gym and I gottogether it stains I whip out a babywipe one my shirt with it boom they’regonetake some baby wipes with you alwayskeep them in your gym bag if it everhappens which happens to me a lot morethan I wish it did I’ve told you severaltimes I’ll tell you again stretchy is soso so de important but stretching in agym can be awkward to say the leastsomething I still do every single day isput in my butt against the wall when I’mstretching if I’m stretching you’ll findme in the corner of a gym the only thingseeing my butt is the wall it’s gettinga really great view when I first startedout I remember thinking that everybodywas looking at me nobody’s lookingthey’re all mine in their own businessbut you’re still gonna feel that way sothis tip has always helped me feel morecomfortable if they are looking at methey’re not seeing anything but the backof my head because my butt’s to the wallnow there are a few things worse thanforgetting a hair tie and having a wearyour hair down at the gymit’s gross and it’s annoying and itmakes it even hotter cuz your hairs allover ya body something that has saved meso many times and I am so grateful forit don’t make fun of my poof okay if Idon’t have the poof and lose my keys Iwill always and forever carry a hair tieon my keychain as you know what you’renever gonna forget your keys you won’tif you drive to the gym you’re alwaysgonna have your keys and you’ll alwayshave a hair tie if you keep it righthere on your keychain you’ve alreadymade it all the way to the gym you don’thave time to drive home cuz you won’tmake it back because you forgot a hairtie and the front desks at the gymheaven forbid they carry hair ties allthey got are rubber bands and rubberbands hurt your hair keep a hair tie onyour keychain you always have your keysyou always have a hair tie you’ll neverhave to worry about it again if youforgot one added bonus I like to putthis around my wrist about to carrygroceries inside just stays theredouble-whammynever the past year I’ve invested in myaccessory equipment I think it’s veryimportant that you invest in your own ifit is something you will use a barbellpad I need this and a lot of gyms don’teven have them if you areresistance-band user we all know I amjust invest in your own they stay cleanyou keep them to yourself they’re nottouching a ton of people’s parts thatyou don’t know have been touched I madea whole video about everything that Icarry in my gym bag I will also link allof those goodies below but this hack hascome in handy more than once severaltimes every single day still callednothing makes for a better workout thenbeautiful wonderful gym music it gets mein the right 9 state I stay focused Istay to myself people try to talk to methey can’t talk to me I got myheadphones in these are my headphonesright here they are the world’s bestheadphones and the whole freaking worlddon’t try to tell me they’re not cuzthey are I can’t even hear myselftalking right now thatsoundproof they are wireless headphonesare but what happens when Iforget them or what happens when thebattery dies because I forgot to chargethem well this tip is to always have anextra set of headphones in your bag withyou always always have these with youthey might be knotted you might have tosit there for a minute and untangle thembut once you get them untangled you’regonna keep your head in the game yourworkouts gonna be insane workout withoutmusic is no work out for me so I alwayshave these bad boys in my gym in casesomething happens to my wireless one nowthose are all my tips tricks and hacksthat helped me over the past few yearsfeel more comfortable in the gym be moreprepared for my workouts keep my head inthe gamethe minute I enter the gymnasium leaveany other tips and tricks that helpedyou and then we can all come togetherand help one another feel our best inthe gym I hope that you guys enjoyedthis video and until next time I willsee you next timemaybe do or say goodbye I love you somuchI love you so much thank you so much forwatching bye

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