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Last updated: August 16, 2019

Nowadays mechanical engineering isdefined as the world’s third largest engineering discipline by the number ofengineers and contributions made to the world by this engineering. This engineeringhas myriad sub-specialties that are separate fields. Have you ever thought ofwhere different branches of engineering emerged from? Mechanical engineering improvedand branched asthe technology advanced. Consequently, some other engineering fields werederived from it such as aerospace or automotive engineering when it becamesufficiently large. Although the process of mastering this engineering is hardto handle and requires considerable efforts, the outcome is immenselyrewarding. Mechanical engineering is beneficial mainly in terms of tremendousjob opportunities and the scope of knowledge it renders students.

 The fact that mechanicalengineering teaches broad engineering concepts to students is the first mainperk of studying mechanical engineering. To begin with, it gives students thechance to gain notion of lots of things that come from other engineeringdisciplines. For instance, introduction to electrical engineering and cprogramming are also a part mechanical engineering curriculum, which helpmechanical engineers to be easily specialized in electrical or computerengineering through getting master’s degree. It teaches not only courses commonto other engineering disciplines, but it also offers the most fundamentalcourses on which lots of subspecialties are based.

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For instance, mechanicalengineers can easily get specialized as a power or automobile engineer without aneed to get another degree. In addition to courses related to engineering, someother knowledge related to soft skills and environmentally friendly design ofproducts is included in this engineering branch. Mechanical engineers aretaught how to communicate their research and results to others through reportsand presentations which require cordial use of language whereby they can alsoprove and support their findings. Put itanother way, it offers engineers a chance to obtain a patent for theirinventions provided that they can perfectly represent their invention throughreports or presentations.

Furthermore, this engineering discipline gives anunderstanding of product design which requires creativity and awareness ofenvironmental limitations regarding not harming the environment on new products.                 A greatrange of different career choices and job satisfaction are considered to be thesecond main asset of studying mechanical engineering. To start with, today bigcompanies experience an increasing need for mechanical engineers on a grandscale for different part of the same work so that this field is divided into anarray of sub-majors. Firstly, graduates of mechanical engineering are allowedto work in other engineering fields related to making mechanical parts, such asin the design and production of airplane engines, which aerospace engineers aremainly involved in, without getting another degree. Moreover, mechanicalengineers can make it in other distinct fields, such as manufacturingengineering where engineers are expected to create machines/robots that can handle with repetitive and tedious work inthe mass-production or business administration where they can work as aneconomist if they do complete master’s degree for those professions. Apart froma big demand for mechanical engineers, indispensable job opportunities and somefringe benefits are another benefit of mechanical engineering regarding job.

High salary plays a very crucial role in people’s major choice since it tendsto easily give comfortable and convenient life to engineers as mechanicalengineering does. By means of high salary engineers can live an easy lifewithout experiencing monetary problems and even run their own business. Besideshigh income, some fringe benefits, such as medical insurance, paid holidays andsubsidized meals, are to be mentioned as another merit of being mechanicalengineer.  All in all, mechanical engineeringis a right major to have specialty in as doing bachelor’s degree in this fieldensures student to have privileges in the engineering world.

The inspiringlearning process of main engineering courses, the pursuit of job opportunitiesand having plentiful career options all contribute to mechanical engineering.It has a certainly prominent future since as the products are getting morecomplex, demand for mechanical engineers is growing.

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