Nowadays, features and how they operate the transportation.

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Last updated: August 28, 2019

Nowadays,there are a lot of vehicles in highway and in metropolitan areas that bringssome problems, especially traffic jam and pollution. These main problem happenseveryday and stillcannot be resolved. Public Transportation has been operated for a long time.But still, it cannot make huge impact in reducing the amount of privatevehicles in Jakarta.

Because every people wants to go for faster and easieroption to drive their own car/ ride their own motorcycle. That’s why I suggestevery urban people to use Public Transportation rather than Private. Because Itruly agree that Public Transportation needs to be used more to reduce trafficroad caused by Private Vehicle. Besides of that, There is a lot of aspect that supports PublicTransportation to be chosen as Transportation to bring urban people to theirworkplace/school/university in weekdays and to go home in the evening.

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            The upgrade in the infrastructureand addition to new Public Transportation mode brings big possibility for us touse it everyday. If wewant to go to work/study/hangout to the mall or other stuff, PublicTransportation also give better experience, especially when we decide to gowith MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) or LRT (Light Rail Transit). It lookssophisticated and classy when we look at the features and how they operate thetransportation. The development of these trains need to be very long, likeimproving the innovation from just MRT to create a light train like LRT thatsuits well with Jakarta geography in Metropolitan areas. There’s many benefitsthat we can get when we use these kinds of Transportation.            First, MRT and LRT is the upgradeversion of KRL Commuter Line.

The project is owned by The Indonesia Government.The Jakarta MRT is estimated to cost at least USD $1.7 billion, and theseprojects is also helped by Japan in funds and design of the MRT. Following theevolution of Transportation in Europe and some big countries in Asian, Jakartawill try to develop a better transportation.

The creating of MRT and LRTalready started since 2010. It gives mostly good feedback, but there is somepeople who doesn’t like because of the process in making the MRT and LRT whichis quite long and causing trouble, resulting in poor traffic jam because of thenarrowing road. But There’s also big things you must know in the operation ofMRT and LRT that is expected to start in early 2020’s. According to PT MassRapid Transit Jakarta (PT MRT Jakarta), Stage I extends along approximately15.2 miles from Bundaran HI (Hotel Indonesia traffic circle) to Lebak Bulus.

There will be 13 stations in the North-South Corridor route of Stage I. Traveltime from Lebak Bulus, in the south, to the HI roundabout will be about 30minutes, one-third of the time a private vehicle would take during rush hour. Eachstation will be set apart by a few kilometres, ranging from 0.5 km to 2 km. MRTwill be operated automatically whlist LRT and KRL will be operated manually bythe machinist. PT MRT Jakarta technical director Muhammad Nasir said that theMRT system would be integrated with the existing railway system.

Quoted by him,The gauge of the MRT tracks will be the same as that of the existing railwaysystem, which is 1,067 millimeters. MRT will also use the same electricitysystem to power the trains. By using these kinds of transportation, We can gofrom one corridor to another in a very fast time. It’s also very convenient forus as a worker or student as we need to be mobile, and MRT or LRT can be theappropriate choice if we need to get hurry onto some places we need to visit.

TheMRT trains are expected to carry 173,400 passengers a day. With the addition ofan MRT system, The combined modes of public transportation in Jakarta willstill transport 1.5 million passengers a day while there are around 7 millionpeople moving around the capital on a daily basis.             Besides of that, MRT and LRT is ontheir way to break the habit or lifestyle of urban people who loves to buytheir own car and motorcycle as many as they want. It’s important to hold themto control the amount of car collected by these people. Or at least, not usingtheir own car and motorcycle in rush hour or weekdays to control the amount ofvehicles on roads. Because the main purpose in the creation of MRT and LRT isto reducing the traffic congestion in Jakarta as we already know that thetraffic in Jakarta is like a hell, so stressful.

They can decide to move to MRTand LRT as their transportation to go anywhere else with low price and featuresinside It’s totally worth it. This is better because it can save the fuelconsumption and reduce gas pollution and emission. Imagine if they decide to goto any place using their own car/motorcycle, how many fuel the vehicle consumeand how is the air in metropolitan city? It could give bad effect for sure.             So I conclude that MRT and LRTclearly better to use rather than any Private Transportation and there’s nodoubt about it. As a growing country, we need to follow the evolution oftransportation in big countries to get better and better in more aspects. That’swhy we need to build it to compete against them.

Even though the constructionof MRT and LRT costs a lot of money and energy, these kinds of invention needto be applied in Jakarta to fulfill the happiness and demands from Jakartaurban people. MRT and LRT can be used also by the domestic traveIer and foreigntraveler to go all around Jakarta with ease. I believe these new PublicTransportation could give nice feedback, bringing enthusiasm to everyone to trythose Transportation mode. Hopefully the aim to relieve great trafficcongestion in Indonesia’s capital city can be realized, with everyone switchfrom Private Vehicle to Public Transportation, mainly MRT and LRT.

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