Nowadays, to eat something if they are hungry

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Last updated: April 28, 2019

Nowadays, parents and their little ones are always on the go, traveling to and forth between homes, crèches, schools, and workplaces. Obviously, the kids get bored every time they are on the move, and in such a situation, the need for something to keep them absorbed was always felt. Finally, there is a solution for that! Monkeys and Bananas, a renowned seller of the diverse range of accessories has produced lately a Car seat tray for multiple-use that brilliantly keeps the toddlers busy all the way.  Colored in lime green and gray, it is a convertible and handy travel kit for little kids, serving many purposes at the same time. Available for purchase on the Amazon online store at just $19.95, the budget too is friendly in the pockets of the parents.

The seller during the product release event claimed, “This top of the line organizer kids travel tray is perfect, practical and convenient for you and your children.” Kids can derive at least three great utilities from the travel tray. Firstly, it offers the utility of a lap table for the kids to eat something if they are hungry on the way.  Secondly, it acts as a writing desk and thirdly as an organizer for safekeeping of their essentials.

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 The specifications of the product are sure to spellbind the customers. Made of long-lasting and water-resistant polyester and 4cm thick EVA foam, the tray can be used for years once bought, perhaps until the time a kid reaches the mature age to travel without it. The 16″x12″ hard surface of the tray is quite perfect as a writing desk and a snack table. The kids can draw, practice handwriting, read books and eat some food while moving on the car. There is also a 4-inch cup holder carved on one corner of the tray to firmly fit a glass, sipper or drinking cup.The parents are sure to be pleased with the tray as it is a “Top quality educational organizer” which helps in keeping all the necessary stuff of their child, from textbooks, pencils, markers to colors and marbles.  There are 7 inside pockets and 2 adjacent folders to keep all the items of a kid sorted.

The tray has a PVC pocket for holding tablets or iPad so that a kid can watch some movies or cartoons on getting bored in a journey. Thus, the tray is designed in a way that a toddler can get everything within their hand’s reach and enjoy their own space in the car without bothering the elders. The satisfaction of customers is the top priority of the seller and makes sure that they get the best experience. That is why, besides 100% money back option, it is also offering Free returns in case anyone is dissatisfied. While the stocks are limited for this amazing kids car tray, the parents can secure their orders to enjoy stress-free rides from the next time.

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