Nowadays, with Bachelor degree, it is just not

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Last updated: March 27, 2019

Nowadays, with Bachelor degree, it is just not enough in today’s competitive world. An arsenal of higher degree and experience are needed at the same time. An enormous number of challenges thrown out by the rapid development of science and technology have made me choose the profession of Engineering, in today’s world one must equip with knowledge experience and ambition.My name is Manoj Kumar.

I was born in 10th of May 1990. I did my Matriculation and Intermediate from the board of intermediate and secondary education Hyderabad in 2007 and 2009 respectively. I have completed my Bachelor of Mining Engineering in 2014 from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro, Sindh Pakistan.I did Internship in 2012 in Thatta Cement for One Week and in 2013 in Steel Mill Karachi for One Month during my Bachelors which help me to understand many things in the very running level of my studies. After completing my degree, I get a job in Zeal Pak Cement Factory as Trainee Mining Engineer during my job I learn about Quarry, Blasting, cement Manufacture and Project Management. During my job, I feel very project management very interested filed and decided to pursue a master in it..

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My specific area of interest in Master is Project Management. Its rapid growth sector not only in my home country Pakistan but in the world.  My country is developing the country and in last few years a lot of projects to infrastructure development work start for our community Those projects requires a manager with high skill and provide the procedures and methods implemented for the realization of complex problem formulation.Pakistan has lots of different Industrial sectors are full of opportunities and the things which motivated me a lot toward the Project Management is the modern technologies being used for it in different Sector its help me to achieve the goal. Know days a mega project is in pipeline in Pakistan in the name of China and Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) which aim to connect the major industrials like Energy, coal, oil and gas via highway and railway to transport these materials from one place to other.This kind of project requires a highly qualified person in the project who know how to deal with these mega project and how to build a team which perform duties in a difficult situation.

Project management is the train engine that moves the organization forwardI am quite Confident that Master in Project Management will lead me towards my bright future. Through this program, I will be able to work in any industrial Sector and Multinational Company.My  GPA is below 3.0 but I know I  have to work hard and give my 100%  to score higher GPA. I constantly work hard to achieve the best in my academics and I am committed and promise to do that.Selecting the USA as the origin to where to get my masters from was due to the belief that The USA is a Multicultural country and it would provide me with an opportunity to get affiliated with multicultural. It will be great to visit the local attractions and to familiarize myself with the local history and integrating myself with the local community and traditions. The cultural diversity will also enable me to interact with different people thereby enhancing my personal skills and social groups.

The USA is a popular destination for international students. The USA is a dynamic and vibrant country with enthusiastic and energetic people. It produces professional who are innovative, creative and can think independently. The graduates are very successful in finding jobs at international level in worlds leading companies. This added benefit of great schooling provided in the USA and the world will recognition of its degree would enable me to get a job in Pakistan once I get a Postgraduate degree.It is here that the Master Program at the Saint LEO University that stands out from the rest.

A Master’s degree will not only help me achieve my career goals, but it will also keep me involved in a field I am so interested in. After examining the list of courses at the university, I believe this course is perfect to my interests and my strengths. Also, the wide range of electives would give me the option of customizing my courses to perfectly match my career goals.

The campus life also promises to be a very inspiring and enriching environment and it would be a great experience to be a part of such a lively community.    The opportunity to study at the Saint LEO University will allow me to understand the Project Management in a more advanced manner and develop my understanding of a topic that I am fascinated and I believe this program will help me to obtain such knowledge of Management Skills and degree that necessary for my future career and also benefit my country in future.Yours faithfully,Manoj Kumar

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