NUCLEAR energy, I believe that the world should

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Last updated: March 28, 2019

                               NUCLEAR ENERGYByCheleine I am for nuclear energy, I believethat the world should start using it as a renewable source of energy. I believethis because man-made nuclear power will always be there as a source of energy.While other sources like solar and wind will not always be there as a powersource. Nuclear energy also doesn’t produceas much waste as fossil fuels such as coal.

When you burn coal the carbonemissions will be released into the atmosphere, and eventually as all of thecarbon builds up it will create global warming. Nuclear energy does produce2,000 metric tons of waste, but when it does it can be safely stored in drycasks that do not let any radiation out, or it can be used in fourth generationreactors, which use the waste from previous reactors as fuel. Nuclear power plants take up 1.3 square milesto create 1,000 megawatts of power, while wind power takes up 260-360 squaremiles to produce the same amount of energy produced2. Building a nuclear power plant cantake up to seven years while a wind turbine farm would take 2 months for a10-megawatt farm, but I believe that waiting for the nuclear power is a betteroption as it creates much more power than many wind turbines combined. Nuclear power is made from unlimitedresources, as it is made from the splitting of atoms, and everything is made ofatoms. Nuclear power actually helps improve the state of global warming becauseit doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases.   Many people believe that nuclearpower can prove to be very dangerous, but now there are ways to prevent anuclear meltdown, such as putting in a cooling system.

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If the cooling systemdoes fail then the effects on the surrounding areas environment could becatastrophic. But at this point in time I believe that the benefits outweighthe risks. Because global warming is harming our environment much more than thenuclear plants could. If we don’t do anything about global warming then in thefuture we may not even be alive to worry about the maybes of nuclear power. The fuel for nuclear reactors costs $20.25per pound, and in year 27 fresh tons of uranium is needed for the plant tocontinue to produce energy1. While solar and wind do not have any fuel costs, I believe thatspending that much money on nuclear power is worth it because it produces muchmore energy than wind and solar.  However, there are other sources ofenergy such as burning fossil fuels, solar, wind, geothermal, andhydroelectric.

The issues with fossil fuels is that they produce lots ofgreenhouse gases which is causing global warming, so we cannot use them as asource of energy anymore. Solar and wind energy are great sources but theproblems with them are that they will not always be there to create energy, andeven then, they don’t create enough. Geothermal and hydroelectric are alsogreat sources they just wouldn’t produce enough energy topower a whole city. So, in the end I believe that nuclear energy is our bestbet.Sources   Those videos we watched in class.



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