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Last updated: November 18, 2020

Innovative Ideas for renewable energy and are also discussing the benefits of this new technology. It seems as though every year our summers get hotter, winters become seemingly colder and rainy days look more like hurricanes. There is no denying that the earth is changing and it may not be for the better. So what exactly is causing the change? We are every day.

Take for instance, every time a car is driven; fossil fuel emission gases are released into the air which, by default, is collecting in the atmosphere; and is then trapping the suns heat rays in making the climate warmer, and heat heavier.General science proves that the hotter the heat, the faster the ice will melt; the more the ice melts, the more water will fall into the oceans causing higher tides, and inevitably; flooding will occur should the tides rise. The idea is, if society can collectively come up with ways to reduce the amount of fossil fuel emissions being burned from things such as motor vehicles and large manufacturing companies, then we will substantially “clear the air”. Should mankind continue to grow in population, and burn fossil fuels into the atmosphere, we will single handedly cause our very own extinction.

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Experts are explaining that if we use innovative technologies such as solar power energy; then we can naturally create energy that can power everything from our heat, to electric cars, and other forms of electricity such as light. This, over time will gradually reduce the amount of carbon emissions that is being thrown into the atmosphere and will bring the atmosphere back to normal and furthermore level out the climate creating better air quality and all around a better life quality.Paul Grumman author of “Here Comes the Sun” explains, “We are or at least we should be, on the cusp of an energy transformation, river by the rapidly falling costs of solar power.

.. ” (306). Solar Energy Is becoming a fundamental part in reducing fossil fuel emissions; and saving money. If solar energy can provide the means of electricity the way gas does for most things; then no gas will burn Into the atmosphere and things such as global warming will naturally become less of an Issue. Although this may sound Ideal, government polices have made It extremely difficult for such a quality of life to exist.In “The Dangerous Delusions of Energy Independence,” Robert Bryce explains that the independence roll a “Self – Sufficient Valhalla” and would provide ‘lots of good paying manufacturing Jobs that would come from producing new energy technologies” (283-284). Some may ask so why don’t we Just do it already? Well, changing the world is not exactly the easiest task.

In a recent speech on “Green Power”, Jerry Brown Governor of California asserts that converting the world into a greener world, would take lots of time, cooperation, and technological innovation to achieve.Brown explains, “… It is intellectually dishonest to say that we can switch out our light bulbs – or hop into a Pries and call it a day. No – this is going to take massive technological innovation. It’s going to take changes in the way we live and work.

It’s going to take cooperation of unprecedented degree among businesses and government and among countries… ” (277). Changing what we already have to be self- sufficient and sustainable would take decades of research and development and even more time to construct but companies like Sara Inc. A research and development facility for solar thermal engineering based out of Palo Alto CA. Feel that it is not as daunting a task as some believe it to be. In a recent story authored by Marl Dickerson on solar energy titled “State Solar Plans Are As Big As The Outdoors” Marl explains that power plants use the sun’s heat to produce electricity for thousands of homes around an area of California, “It is like looking at a glimpse of the states energy future.

With rows of gigantic mirrors covering an area bigger than two football fields… ” The hope is to collect clean renewable energy generated by the sun and President Barack Obama agrees that it is an idea to be pushed for. But Sara, Inc. , is not the only company trying to get their hands on the green Jar.

Terry O’ Brian who works for the California Energy Commission, is working on another project known as the Mojave Desert Project which he explains “… Ill transform Californians entire electricity system.

.. ” He also asserts that “.

.. It’s a daunting challenge for the worlds eighth largest economy but despite the nation’s toughest mandates for boosting green energy and reducing greenhouse gases, California remains addicted to burning fossil fuels to keep the lights on” (302). Thermal plants such as the one being used by Sara, Inc. , are actually glass boilers that use heat from the sun to enervate steam that power turbines and generate electricity.Researchers say that solar thermal power is not only better, but roughly 40 percent cheaper than solar panels manufactured by general forms of solar paneling such as silicone-based paneling, which are popular for being placed on the roofs of homes and businesses. So what if it were possible to begin the construction of new energy forms and move on to becoming a greener “Valhalla”? It would not only take large amounts of technological innovation but would also require a substantial amount of cooperation room the ones it is being designed for, and that is us.

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