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Nutrition and Fitness Explain your current fitness and nutritional habits The current fitness and nutrition habits that I consider essential in my personal health include maintaining spiritual wellness and eating a variety of foods rich in all nutrients. However, there are other wellnesses but I consider spiritual wellness vital because it gives me a sense of meaning and shapes my character. I believe in a Supreme Being and it is one way of understanding and expressing my purpose for life.

I consider this because it enables me to understand the kind of social, physical and emotional fitness that I will incorporate in my life. Consequently, the nutritional habit that I consider essential is eating foods that are rich in nutrients in proper time. I take heavy breakfast in the morning that has balanced diet. When am at work, I take my lunch but I avoid fast foods that have too much calories, which is usually in the form of fats and sugar (Donatelle, 2010, pp. 249). However, I eat food that has few vitamins and minerals because fruits, vegetables and milk products intake have low calories. Lastly, I take light supper in the evening and drink a lot of water throughout the day. Explain some of the health risks associated with obesity Some of the health risks associated with obesity include heart diseases, cancer, hypertension and breathing problems.

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First, hypertension is a disease, which is caused by high blood pressure in the body. It is contributed to by stress and emotional tension. This is a dangerous disease for it can kill a person at anytime because it does not show signs at the earlier stage. Ali and Crowther (2005, pp. 56) points out that diagnosis of this disease is essential and one needs to learn on how to control feelings thus overcoming stress. Secondly, cancer is another health risk associated with obesity. Cancer among the non-smokers is associated with increased obesity.

It is uncontrolled abnormal cells’ growth known as cancer cells. There are different types of cancer and they all attack body cells thus making the person weaker. Therefore, it is advisable to eat nutritious food and avoid taking foods that are harmful to the body. Lastly, breathing problems such as sleep apnea is common with individuals suffering from obesity. This is a disease characterized by reduction in airflow circulation and it is common in adults than children. Thus, it is advisable to get treatment earlier and eat balanced diet foods.

Identify and describe three new fitness habits that you could reasonably incorporate into your lifestyle. How could these new habits improve your health? The three new fitness habits that I could reasonably incorporate into my lifestyle include physical, emotional and social fitness. First, physical fitness is one of the essential health dimensions to me. I love working-out and maintaining my body shape fit. This is through eating of a well balanced diet at the right time.

This habit could enable me to maintain and improve on my body shape by doing exercises. Consequently, I could go for medical and dental checkups regularly and this could help me to improve on physical health. This is crucial because it helps me to be responsible and care for minor illness. Secondly, emotional health is another important fitness habit to me.

I develop great confidence wherever confronted with tough situations. I do not always give up and am always ready to find out the solutions to any problem thus achieving a high self-esteem. This habit could help me to control myself and this could enable me to avoid stress thus improving on my health. Lastly, social fitness is what I could incorporate in my lifestyle. I love making friends and satisfying my interpersonal relationships with my friends (Donatelle, 2010, pp.8).

Socializing with friends is essential for my personal wellness. Therefore, socialization could improve my health because friends could help me discover a lot about health issues. Identify and describe three new nutritional habits that you could reasonably incorporate into your lifestyle. How might these habits improve your health? The new nutritional habits that I could reasonably incorporate into my lifestyle include incorporating exercise to my daily routine, changing eating habits and taking enough rest or sleeping at the right time. First, physical exercise is essential after the daily routine work because it increases metabolic rate thus regulating body fats (Donatelle, 2010, pp. 318).

This habit can help me to improve on weight control thus avoiding the associated healthy risks such as obesity. Secondly, changing eating habits is crucial because healthy eating needs to start at home. Eating vegetables, fruits and avoiding chunky foods is vital. This habit might help me to improve on my body fitness and become health. Lastly, taking enough rest is important in a healthy lifestyle and going to bed at night at a reasonable hour could help in maintaining body fitness (Hall, Folta and Goldberg, 2007, pp.

37). Discuss how each new habit would promote healthy-weight management. Daily exercise will promote healthy-weight management because exercise enables one to balance weight. Physical activities increase metabolic rate and are essential in improving cardio respiratory fitness.

Exercises strengthen muscles and this will make one to achieve physical fitness. Changing eating habits such as taking low calorie diets may lead to loss of weight and it may pose significant health risks. Thus, balancing of food nutrients will promote a health-weight management.

Lastly, taking enough rest will promote health-management because resting enables one to keep the body fit after a long daily routine work. Discuss how each new habit would benefit your health in general. Incorporating exercise to my daily routine would benefit my health in many ways. For instance, it will enable me to manage my healthy-weight. Moreover, maintaining body weight will enable me to overcome diseases such as diabetes and their associated health risks.

Consequently, it will enable me to increase my lifespan because my body will become strong (Donatelle, 2010, pp. 323). Changing eating habits will benefit my health in diverse ways. First, it will enable me to protect my body from diseases associated with poor eating habits. Secondly, it will enable me to improve my immunity system and improve on my mental health.

Lastly, taking enough rest or sleep at the right time will encourage my body to demand high calorie foods essential for energy. Moreover, if one does not get enough time for resting, he or she will become tired or stressed thus increasing the risk of diseases to the body. References Ali, A.

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