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Last updated: July 28, 2019

Ø  What are the goals of your data plan? How do they align with the company’s overall business objectives?A data Plan is a very important part in IT Business world. Having a fragile data plan can jeopardize the data information’s. Therefore, Well-designed data plan from the beginning can provide appropriate data storage, easy to maintain over the long-time scale. When planning a data, the first things I need to do is ask myself a few questions. What is it for? What is the point of data plan. The next question I need to ask myself is what is the goal of Austin Air data plan? Wherever Austin Air wanted to go over the next year or five should affect what you build right now. Having an elevator picture or a mission statement in mind will help me to build a better data plan. My first step of overall goal for the data plan is to analyze the overall airport, airlines, routes to global aviation industry to fly in and out all over the global.

Second, I will visualize the data using different visualization tool to see the trend and chart for long term business goal to see how many airport, airlines and routes are already in the system. I also try to bring all other small aviation company to create a data plan to bring new aviation company to the Austin Air.Austin Air overall business objective is to provide better customer service, cheap flight, safety environment and provide a best travel experience possible. To meet the overall business objective, I will try to address best route to the customer to their destination with fastest, cheap air fare and safest environment possible. I also want to ensure I will provide best service to our customer comparing to the European union matching the flight price. Another business objective I will focus on is bring more third-party travel agency on board to partner with Austin air. So that third-party travel agency will have Austin air flight status on their web application portal. Having third party travel agency on board with Austin air ensure grab customer attention and great customer reviews to bring loyal customer in the future for long term goal.

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Ø  How will you measure progress toward these goals? I will measure these goal by using different strategy such as asking for feedback, providing special discount program to the existing customer and testing more routes. First, I will test different routes, cities and countries based on the three-existing data we have. Austin Air need to add more routes based on the country and location. For example, if our location and routes are not in the data plan, we will have to add more routes and counties to the existing data in the future. We can go through the campaign, requesting a mail address. So that they can gather the relevant information. They can do the survey and contacting an existing customer to expand the business flow once router started running.

Once Sir Austin Emmanuel kicks off his new company, we must provide a special discount offer to the customer at airplane and ask the question how was their overall experience with Austin air. Austin air also want to ask customer to fill up the survey question or provide feedback based on their travel experiences. Once we received data from the customer survey or feedback. We can reevaluate the plan and add more routes, cities and country in our existing data. So that we know what is our customer preferences. As you can see Austin Emmanuel plan is to bring more routes on the global.

After we know how many routes we have to add. We can partner with other third-party travel agency aviation company on the global market to bring more routes in the industry.   

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