occurs might change is the use of aluminum

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Last updated: September 14, 2019

occurs naturally in soil, water, and in the air. But aluminum in the environment is not doing a good kind of impact on the environment, it affects it be giving off greenhouse gases. You wouldn’t think that aluminum would be inside your body and you probably don’t even know how it is possible to happen either. Well it is possible little amounts of aluminum gets into your body by either the consumption of it by eating something that may contains aluminum or drinking water that may contain some aluminum on breathing a small amount of aluminum through your lungs.

Aluminum can get into cells by being over exposed to aluminum it is also water soluble. Water soluble means it dissolves in water, so by drinking a glass of water you may be consuming aluminum. Aluminum can ruin and cause a cell to disfunction and cause the cell to not do its correct job, most metals can cause disease through excess. Aluminum is used for many things that most people around the world use and have in their lives everyday. Aluminum is in some kitchen utensils you use including cans, foils etc.

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In Canada and Germany aluminum isn’t used an dit is actually banned from these 2 places. Cooking a meal in a aluminum pan add about 1 to 2 mg aluminum to your food. People that have kidney problems it could be hard to removing aluminum from their bodies after consuming it, so it builds up over time which can lead to serious problems like  bone and brain disorders. I think the thing that surprised me the mot is how it’s made and the process. And how there’s a chance it can be unsafe to use when cooking.

And what also surprised me was that we consume aluminum in our food, water and even our breathing. I think that I will start looking at food labels more and to make sure to look at what I am consuming and what kinds of food have a big amount of aluminum in them, another thing I might change is the use of aluminum pans in my house and try to find other pans that are more healthy and safe to cook with.

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