Odysseus and Agamemnon Homecomings

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Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Odysseus and Agamemnon Homecomings No matter where one goes, home is the best place to be and feel comfortable. After the Trojan wars, Odysseus struggled too much for many years to get back home but many obstacles on the way got the best of him, but he finally got home. Similarly, Agamemnon was able to get home.

However, Odysseus had to disguise as a beggar to escape from being killed by his wife’s suitors who thought he was dead. Agamemnon, on the other hand, was not lucky at all. He received the coldest homecoming where his wife and her new lover killed him. Additionally, Odysseus had little to do with what happened back at home while Agamemnon had largely caused what happened back at home. Odysseus and Agamemnon could not have expected the kind of homecomings they received and each of them, although in different extents, was responsible for what happened while they were away; each got the ending they deserved.

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Odysseus was a wise, compassionate to his men, brave and cunning as well. However, he fell for temptations and was proud of himself. Above all, he loved his wife and longed to be back to her. Odysseus did not deserve the kind of homecoming that he got when he arrived home. For ten years, the only thing he wished for was returning home to his wife after the Trojan War.

However, fate had a way of preventing him from going back to his wife. Over the ten years he was away trying to return home, he fought many obstacles. In one of them, he fights the giant that ate a few of his men. This was an act of bravery as well as wisdom where he says his name is Nobody. He did not abandon his men even when some forgot their homes after eating the lotus flower. He did not leave them to be eaten by the giant. For such bravery and heroism, one deserves the homecoming of a king that is highly respected.

Instead, Odysseus has to disguise as a beggar in order to avoid being killed by his wife’s suitors. Unlike Odysseus, Agamemnon was not wise and brave. Agamemnon was selfish and did his own will. He had been born to a responsibility higher than his ability. However, this was bad enough, but lack of heeding to his advisor’s words was worse. He never listened and did what the advisors asked of him.

Instead, he only did what his emotions told him. This caused several conflicts and death to many soldiers. In coming home, he was received with a purple garment laid on the ground by his wife as well as choruses from singers. A purple garment was considered rare and expensive at the time. This was a good homecoming only that his wife betrayed him and killed him. Agamemnon did not deserve such a homecoming considering that he had not done anything to deserve such. However, Odysseus’ ending was quite good since he triumphed.

After disguising as a beggar, he stayed amongst his enemies until the right time came. His wife was wise as well to put up a challenge that only his husband could overcome. Upon overcoming the challenge, he was able to kill his enemies and reunite with his wife. However, not all was over yet since he had killed the sons of nobles who came to seek revenge and he had to flee again.

Nevertheless, all was well when the nobles decided to get along and live in peace again. For sure, Odysseus’ ten-year struggle to return home was rewarded. On the other hand, the ending for Agamemnon was not good at all considering his wife killed him. After he had realized his mistakes, he sought to be a better leader and tried to reconcile with those he had longed. Although he did not manage to do this, he was a better leader when going back home after the Trojan wars.

The only sad part is that he had to suffer the consequences of his mistakes as well as fate that followed from the past actions of his father. He did not live to enjoy his victory of the Trojan War and his lessons from the time he was king. While away, he was not responsible for what was happening at home. He had been a good leader, and almost everybody except those loyal to him believed he was dead. As such, the suitors were seeking to get the throne in order to replace him. He had done nothing to his people to deserve their cruelty. His wife also did not give up hope since she knew her husband loved her.

The cause of what was happening back at home was the selfish and impatient suitors who eyed the thrown. However, most of the blame goes to the obstacles he went through on his way back home such as being held captive by Calypso and the giant that ate a few of his men. Had the obstacles not been there, Odysseus could have returned home almost immediately after the Trojan wars and the suitors would not have believed he was dead. On the other hand, Agamemnon is mostly responsible for what was happening to him while he was away. Agamemnon was powerful as king but lacked the abilities for being an ethical king. The responsibility of kingship was more than his ability. In this regard, he made many mistakes in his reign that caused him hatred from people.

One of his weaknesses was letting his emotions take the best of him. Instead of listening to his advisors, he would go ahead to do things that caused pain and even death to his people. In one instance, many Achaean soldiers die out of his set events. This caused many conflicts with other people, and although he came to realize it later, he had already earned the hatred of some of his people. Additionally, he was responsible for his wife betraying him for bringing another princess with him after the Trojan War. For sure, had he listened to his advisors, much of what was happening while he was away from home could not have happened.

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