Odyssey Literary Test Terms

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Last updated: May 12, 2019
Apollonian: Characteristics & Level 3 example
Characteristics: Strict, masculine, civilExample: Apollo vs. Marsyas flute competition

Archetype: Definition & Example
Definition: Recurring symbols/settings/traits representing human experienceExamples: Tricksters, temptresses, paradise

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Arete: Definition
Greek word for “Excellence”

Bie: Definition
Greek word for “brute force” or “violence

Deux ex machina: Definition & Background Meaning
Definition: “God of the Machine”.

Solves plot problems. Modern connotation= negativeBackground Meaning: At the end of a Greek play, a god uses a pulley machine to solve a problem

Dichotomy: Definition & Odyssey Example
Definition: dual/opposite forces/ideasOdyssey Example: Athena vs. Poseidon

Dionysian: Characteristics & Level 3 Example
Characteristics: wild, untamed, feminineExample: Calypso, Nymph who traps Odysseus on her island

Etiology: Definition
Definition: Mythological reasoning of why something is the way it is

in medias res: Definition & Relate to Odyssey
Definition: Latin phrase for “in the middle of things”Relation: Odyssey starts in medias res then has many flashbacks

invocation to the muse: Definition
Definition: prayer to the muse. Greek poets started their poems with this

kleos: Definition
Greek word for “fame”/ “glory

leitmotif: Definition & Odyssey Example
Definition: Recurring pattern in 1 literature piece Example: “nymph with lovely braids” or “dawn w/ her rose-red fingers”

Metis: Definition
Definition: Greek word for “cunning”/”wisdom”

Monomyth: Definition & Basic shape in storyline
Definition: Story structure showing humannessBasic Shape in Storyline: loss, journey, test, return.

Motif: Definition & Ancient Greek Example
Definition: recurring pattern in a story/poemAncient Greek example: invocation/prayer of the muse

Mythos: Definition
Definition: Greek word for “speech”. Origin of “myth”

Myth: Definition
Definition: folktale w/ supernatural beings to explain natural occurrences

Elements of Greek Myth (name 4)
1. Interaction between Gods & humans2. Gods are flawed3. Supernatural characters (Pegasus)4.

Superheroes (Bellerophon/ Hercules)

Oedipal complex: Inventor of the Theory, Definition
Inventor of Theory: Sigmund FreudDefinition: young men want to kill their dad and have sex with their mom.

3 Examples of Oedipal Complex
1. Zeus overthrowing dad, Kronos, and marries sister Hera (substituted instead of his mom).2. Eros marrying beautiful Phsyche, which is similar to marrying mom because she is almost more beautiful than Aphrodite.

3. Kronos castrating his dad, Ouranos (cut off his parts)

Xenia: Definition
Definition: Greek word meaning “guest-friendship”. Part of Law of Hospitality

Xenos: Definition
Definition: Greek word meaning “stranger/guest”.

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