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Of the 72 drinking glasses(You’re most likely using to set the dinner table and giving to your children and grandchildren to drink out of)52 of them (that’s more than 70%) contained lead and cadmium.

?Dear Reader,?You probably already know what lead is.But Cadmium is a soft silver-white metal that has toxic effects on the human skeletal, respiratory and kidney systems. And is classified by the World Health Organization (WHO), as a carcinogen, which is something that causes cancer.But back to the glasses…At the University of Plymouth, researchers conducted 197 tests on 72 common drinking glass products.

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Amongst these were wine glasses, beer, jars and tumblers. In 139 cases, they found lead. And 134 tests revealed cadmium. Both were found on the glass surfaces.Now, you’re probably thinking, “That’s not a big deal.

After all, that’s not where we drink from.”But both lead and cadmium were found on the rims, where we do place our lips to drink. And in some glasses, the concentration of lead (on the rims) were 1000 times higher than the safety limit.The researchers used portable x-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry, to test the products. This is where the information about the 72 drinking glasses came from. Once measured, researchers found that lead concentrations were from 40 to 400,000 parts per million (ppm). And cadmium measured from 300 to 70,00 ppm.

According to the U.S. Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, “The limit levels for the externally decorated lip area of drinking glass are 200 ppm and 800 ppm respectively.”Dr. Turner, one of the University of Plymouth researchers, noted.

“Why are harmful or restricted elements still being employed so commonly to decorate contemporary glassware manufactured in China, the European Union and elsewhere? I believe consumers should be made aware of this, while retailers and the glass industry have the responsibility to eliminate toxic metals from decorated products.”But don’t be discouraged from buying your favorite glasses. Because there is hope.According to the Federation of European Screen Printers Association, “organic links are becoming more popular than metallic pigments because of environmental concerns … such inks were evident on a number of newly purchased products which proved negative for lead and cadmium.”Before I give you some more (and stronger) hope, think about this.

..The glass’s enamelIt’s the coat for decoration you find on some drinking glasses. And it’s located on the rim where you put your mouth. The highest levels of cadmium were found in glasses with red enamel. And you’re probably thinking, “I’ve been drinking out of my glasses for years, maybe even decades and no one has gotten sick.”But think about how long that time frame is – years, maybe even decades.

Think about all the days you drank from your glasses. Over a long period of time, lead exposure can lead to..

.FatigueMemory LossAbdominal PainConstipationHeadachesIrritabilityLoss of appetitePain or tingling in the hands and/or feetHigher levels may have the same symptoms, including anemia, kidney and brain damage, and even death. Low levels of cadmium over a long period of time can lead to bones becoming fragile, thus breaking easily.Such symptoms as bone weakness and memory loss are also signs of aging. You may have already experienced these things and may have thought it was only because of aging. And the longer the exposure, the more damage (such as the kidney and brain damage, and cancer) your body is being subject to.

So how can you tell which glassware is safe?As unveiled in Health Watch, “choose non-colored, non-painted drinking glasses. Especially avoid those with enamel around the edge of the glass where you place your mouth … And buy glassware made in the U.S. Those manufactured in Asia and Europe are more likely to contain heavy metals.”Also revealed in Health Watch, some glassware (even those without enamel) are still not entirely safe to use because they’re made out of a lead crystal.

These are high-end, expensive glassware that you and your kids may drink wine from. And studies have shown lead crystal to seep into the liquid it’s holding.I don’t mean to scare you. But there’s a possibility you could be drinking small amounts of lead.So try this trick!There are drinking glasses made out of regular old glass.

And here’s how to tell the difference…Take a knife and gently tap the glass. If it makes a high pitched chimming sound (and it echos), it’s probably made of lead crystal.

But if the sound is more dull and brief, it’s glass.The University of Plymouth study was published in Science of the Total Environment, and is amongst the latest on environmental health.But it’s not the very latest (or most interesting) health news.Want to know why millions of Americans are dropping dead, despite already passing heart tests?A hard-to-pronounce antioxidant that’s closely related to Resveratrol, but is 300% more effective in fighting aging?How to detect and fight off cancer 19 months before your doctor even knows you’re sick?Nature’s memory miracle?The real reason cancer kills (which is not what you think)?Prostate relief that’ll have you climax at full surge?And much more?See, it’s not so much “what your doctor doesn’t want you to know.”Your doctor has access to the same information but because of lack of time and pressure from the FDA, he/she either just doesn’t know about them or doesn’t talk to you about it.The Institute of Natural Healing believes everybody should be free to make their own decisions regarding their health, instead of only being given pills, surgeries and chemo.Which do work (when necessary).

They’re not always the best options.And we really shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars, go through the tricky maze of insurance (worrying about whether it covers this and that), or become victims of those big pharmaceutical companies, just to receive care.We’re getting olderAnd we don’t just want to live longerWe also don’t want to have to rely on our kids, or even doctors.And we really don’t have toAnd if we can avoid tedious pills and surgery, why not?By not having access to such information given above, you could be missing out on life-changing and saving knowledge.Since our doctors may be unable to convey to us such information personally, they’ve revealed it in some publications targeting baby boomers (involving 3 free reports and an emailed monthly newsletter). But first, let’s talk a little about these issues, beginning with heart disease…

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