“Office the steps that you have undertaken to

“Office Application””Assignment:-2”                                                Q.N. AN. 1″””‘You want to show theBusiness Adviser how a word processing feature, such as text formatting, can beused more efficiently if automated.”””(i) “choosea text formatting feature, for example, embolden, underline, etc.”””(ii). “Constructa macro, using the macro recorder, to automate it.”””(iii).

“Wordprocess a list of the steps that you have undertaken to produce the macro.””(iv). “Demonstratethat the macro works by selecting some text in one of your reports and run themacro by selecting the toolbar button that it has been linked to.”” “Ans: ” Steps torecord macro according to  question areshown below:”·      “Select record macro through view menu in thenew blank Ms-word.” ·      “”Processto start to record macro.”” ·      “”Goto home menu tab.” ·      “”Choosea text formatting feature in a file according to the question.””·      “”Stoprecorded macro in the file.

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“”  ·      “”opennew window.”” ·      “Writesomething in the new blank document.” ·      “”Select the written text.

“”  ·      “”Choose view macro option innew document after writing something.” ·      “”Runsaved macro in another document.””  ·      “”The recorded macro is usedin another file and the text is changed assaved in the macro.””                                                         Q.N.B”You also want to demonstrate how a macro can be used toinsert the date and time into one of your reports.”(i)                         “Create a macro that will insert the date and time into the footer of one ofyour reports.

“(ii). “Word process a list ofthe steps that you have taken to create your macro.”(iii). “Demonstrate that yourmacro works by opening a new document and running the macro via the toolbarbutton that it has been assigned to.””””Ans: “Steps to record a macro which is used to insert the date and time is givenbelow:””·      “”Selectrecord macro through view menu in the new blank Ms-word.””·      “Processto start, to record macro.

” ·      “”InsertingFooter in the document.””  ·      “”Goto insert menu and choose date and time option.”” ·      “”Choosethe pattern of putting date and time in the document.””  ·      “”Dateand time appears in the document.”” ·      “”Opennew window.””  ·      “”Choosethe new blank document and view the previous macro in the document page.”” ·      “”Runthe previous saved macro in another document.””  ·      “”Savedmacro runs in another document.

“”                                                   Q.N. C  Whatis cell addressing/referencing? Explain.”Ans: “Cell is the intersection point ofrows and columns.” “That is why the cell isdenoted by a combine addressing mechanism of both row and column. Usually celladdressing is of two types (relative and absolute) but three types of celladdressing/referencing  mechanism areavailable.

They are:”””1.    “Relativecell addressing: It adjusts the row and column to its newlocation when copied or moved. for example: D14″2.    “Absolutecell addressing: It doesn’t adjusts the row  and column when copied or moved. $D$ 14 isthe example of absolute cell addressing.

“3.    “Mixedcell addressing: Adjust either the row or column to its newlocation when copied or moved. D$ 14 is the example of mixed cell addressing.”                                                                                          The end

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