Ofsted accordance they inspect the local school, colleges,

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Last updated: May 12, 2019

Ofsted reports and ratings often come in handy when parentsor carers are applying to schools to send their children to. Ofsted reports arelooked at in addition to school league tables, which detail which ranking theschool is placed in comparison to others based on exam results. However, leaguetable results only show one aspect of the school experience whereas, Ofstedreports detail many aspects of the school both internally and externally. Ofsted(Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) is adepartment of the UK government, with its parent department being theDepartment of Education. Ofsted reports back to the Parliament abouteducational institutions.

Ofsted’s main aim is to review and monitor thewell-being of children and also children’s social care, also in accordance theyinspect the local school, colleges, tuitions, teacher training etc.Ofsted inspections approximately take place every three years;however they have the right to drop in without notice if there is any specificconcern. Ofsted check educational institutions on the basis of the efficiencyof safeguarding techniques, and whether they meet the standards set by Ofstedwhilst analysing the strengths and weaknesses of learners and leaders.Following on to the end of an inspection, if the institution is deemed as good-the inspectors give feedback to leaders and recommend strategies in order tocater to the experience of learners. If an educational institution is seen as ‘inadequate’, Ofstedwill return in order to offer support and utilise a plan in order to better theexperience. If the Ofsted report shows that an educational institution is ‘good’,then it will continue in the three year cycle of short inspections. Getting an ‘outstanding’ ratingmeans that the educational institution has met high standards in deliveringeducation and therefore they are free from inspections and will only beinspected in the performance rate drops.

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